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   Article By Dale Power, Hornell, NY, USA
Psychic Combat: Part 1
When I hear the words psychic combat I think of wizards with glowing hands holding off dragons and small armies of soldiers, bent on destroying, well, the good guys. Or perhaps a super hero with “Powers of the Mind” whisking small children out of the grasp of the evil super villain. The facts of the matter though are often a little different than that.

Psychic combat has traditionally not been spoken of in public. When it has been mentioned, hushed tones have been used, and very few real techniques have ever been discussed in a factual manner. Most of the information available to the public amounts to superstitious recounting of curses or the use of voodoo dolls in fiction. The reasons for this are clear. Psychic Combat is perhaps better described as psychic sabotage and assassination, because once you have basic shielding and some defensive strategies down, that is what you have left. Most people have felt, with some merit, that teaching people to harm others in a way that cannot be easily traced, is wrong. That too many would misuse their talents if they had this information.

In this series you will be told how to use psychic skills to cause break-downs in equipment, promote dissension among a group of people, sabotage food and water supplies, confuse individuals and large groups, cause harm to specific individuals and finally how to kill with psychic abilities.

”Only with a good understanding of these types of actions though, will you be able to defend against them...”

My hope is that no one will ever have to use any of these skills in a negative way. Life being what it is though, I feel that I would be remiss were I to pretend such things can not be done, to good effect, in time of war or other desperate situations. Also, I hope to show several good, practical reasons, for why many of these techniques, those that harm or kill people in particular, should not be used without extreme levels of skill and care. To do that though, it is important to understand what is being done. Without a basic understanding of the processes involved, many will be tempted to try such things without understanding why it will backfire on them.

Yes, these skills could be abused. Only with a good understanding of these types of actions though, will you be able to defend against them, if you or your fellows are attacked psychically. Knowledge in this case is dangerous to others. Ignorance is dangerous, perhaps deadly, to you.

Aside from ethics, which I hope everyone will be thinking about before applying these skills, this article is about the basic knowledge and practices needed to use the more technical data to be presented in future articles.

For more information about each of these factors, please see my web site.

1. Mental state. You will want to achieve at least a delta brainwave state and synchronize your hemispheric patterns to the highest level possible. Deep meditation or brainwave bio-feedback are indicated practices.

2. Time. You need to take an adequate amount of time to accomplish your task. Some of these techniques may require hours of focused concentration to carry out in a short period. Don’t think that it’s good enough to throw off a few minutes here and there if you want to be effective. It’s not.

3. Conceptual thinking. Your psychic abilities, at least the actual working component of them, exist in the deeper levels of your mind. This means to access them you need to think on a level that your subconscious mind can understand easily. To do this think in concepts, in ideas, that are devoid of words or pictures. This is a skill that takes time and practice to master.

4. Understand what active systems are. Psychokinetic effects are most strongly felt in systems that have energy in them. Living things, machines with moving parts and the weather are all good examples. It is by and large a waste of resources to try and influence stable systems. Learning to easily identify what systems you can effect will greatly increase your level of success.

5. Sensing fields of information. This is a natural ability we all have. You have to learn to sense the world around you in a direct manner, if you wish to interact with it well. Certain meditations can help hone the skills you already have. This is a skill that you will need if you are going to effect the world around you in a powerful way. Sensing the fields of information will allow you to understand your target in a meaningful way as well as help you to make corrections to any field you are influencing.

When you understand these skills and can perform them in a consistent and effective manner, you will be ready to move on to the practice of more complicated techniques.

Regardless of whether you plan on ever using Psychic Combat techniques or are just interested in more peaceful, and in my opinion more useful, psychic methods, I highly recommend that you learn the above skills and information. Just gaining improvement in any one of these areas will increase your over all psychic ability.

Next installment, Psychic Combat: Part Two [Ghost in the Machine] will address sabotage of equipment and vehicles.

This article originally appears at http://healing.worldispnetwork.com

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