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   Article By Rebecca Anne Locicero, Connecticut
Our Aura As Our Energy Field
As you grow knowing and learning about the important functions of molecules and atoms, you also learn about energy fields. Our Auras are our Energy Fields. We as humans are put together in such a way that our soul, body and mind all work together. It is a mind, body, and soul connection.

The Aura has been proven to be real by many scientists. Do your Research and learn about it. These energy fields are the super works of our being. They hold all that is, was, and is going to be. The whole personality, intuition and many other portholes of energy.

Some feel Aura’s; some can see the colors in an Aura. You can heal, explore and meditate around your own aura. I feel auras. I am see them sometimes if I focus on someone. Everyone and everything living has an aura. Animals tend to be very colorful just a plants glow huge when treated well.

It could be the energy of a spirit or guide with them. Just be sure to look deeper then the color. You may be surprised at what you see.

The aura reflects your human body as much as your human body reflects itself in your aura. For this reason I believe that your aura can change it’s colors at random moments. Although I do believe that someone is born with a color that is a vase color to the aura and that this color represents part of that souls purpose in this particular lifetime.

Your aura is different than your Chakras although I believe your aura is made up of the reflections of all the energies working within you. Your Chakras, your heart, your thoughts and your physical feelings are all reflected in some way in your aura. The possibilities of what someone might see when looking are endless.

Now Know, I do not always see colors myself. I know when I have stepped into or tapped psychicly into someone’s aura. I feel it more by interpretation of my psychic thoughts. It is part of the tools that I use when doing a reading. I feel the colors may or may not be accurate per each personality. The colors are though a great tool to use as a base of knowledge. Once you come around to someone’s personality that does not match the aura color they wear, then you have to consider the fact that it is something else. It could be the energy of a spirit or guide with them. Just be sure to look deeper then the color. You may be surprised at what you see.


The First direct color that you should see and will most likely see is white. This may not be in their aura. This is the connection point between your physical body and the energy that comes from it. Where the body is called the Physical, this white line of connection all around us is also called the Etheric Body. This is a very important part of us as it helps to flow all this energy evenly and appropriately to and from our body and aura and in-between.

The Astral part of the Aura: This part of the aura is the next closest to the body and carries with it your color since birth. This is a large area of energy. It holds all you have done so far on this earth. The next level out is the Mental area or the aura. These areas are filled with a more intuitive area of thoughts and images. Things you consider ideas or thought not your own yet. The final area of your aura is the Spiritual. I often see your guides or loved ones connected to an aura in this area. It is an area that readily receives and sends insight.

The information on these colors and the way they that lay from the body out has come to me from many books, articles, teachers, and personal experience combined. All of these resources basically describe the same definitions as I do here. Please, Do Your Research on your own and learn more about auras.

White: Protection, Purity, Wholeness, Goodness. Not to be confused with the white etheric glow between body and aura.

Hot Pink: Love, Affection, Attraction
Dull Pink: Needy

Orange: Self-Awareness, Courage, Pride.

Brown: Not self confident, Needs attention, Confusion, Discouraged.

Purple: Intuitively gifted, Wisdom, Confident, Focused on mentally advancing, Balance with self and others.
Dark Purple: Intuitive teachers, Psychicly helping others.

Blue: Dedication, Aware of life’s paths, Working for more in life, Spiritual quest.
Indigo Blue: All Indigo Children glow in this bright blue. Listen to these children. The color represents a fully psychic child. Their knowledge is endless. Do your Research. The indigo are the new children on our Earth.
Dull Blue: Unappreciating of Life’s positive energies.

Green: Healing and Health. Ability to Heal with Psychic Energy.
Light Green: Could represent the onset of illness or injury.
Dark Green: Could represent the injury or illness already in the process of healing.

Bright Yellow: Successful, Focused on winning in personal or professional life paths.
Dell Yellow: Jealousy

Red: Anxiety, Fear, Anger or any immediate feeling that consumed the whole body. Red can be one of those colors that are temporary. The Brighter the red the more anxious, the Duller the red, the more angry and confused or hurt. Lightning bolt spikes or shoots of red are sudden shock.

Black: Black can never really be anything to positive. Hate, Depression and leftover unforgiven moments. You can clean this out of your own aura with psychic energy healing and cleansing.

Exercises to see Aura’s:
Have someone wear a black or white shirt and stand in front of a large white area. Do not focus on them as much as you will focus on the areas around them about a foot away.

Take time at night when the lights are out to focus on your hands. You should see them glow. This is a great way to work with energy. It is your aura that you are seeing.

Look at plants and trees. They are also living creatures and they can glow a large aura above them.


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