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   Article By Kandi Chehade, Glendale, AZ USA
How to Receive Angel Messages, Anytime!
Angels are all around us! They are continuously sending us messages. Although, most of us are receiving these messages on a subconscious level.

For example: When you are worried or thinking about someone, while watching TV, you hear the actors next line, “Don’t worry, I’m just fine honey.”

Another example: When you are experiencing joy or sorrow in your love life and you turn on the radio, it seems every song has been hand selected just for you. Absolutely! This is just another of the many ways our Angels communicate with us.

Angels send messages through music, on billboards, on license plates, in movies, repetitive number sequences, through people around us, and various other ways.

"...All we have to do is simply ask for the signs, keep alert, pay attention, and trust the messages you receive."

The most important thing to do is, to trust in the messages you start to notice. When you trust in these messages, you’ll start to receive even more!

Wanna have some fun? Try this:

Next time you’re having a challenge making a choice between two or more things, take a minute to ask our Angels. Simply say, “Angels, I really desire to vacation in Hawaii this year, but I’ve also been thinking about France. Please send me multiple signs so that I have clarity in which choice would be best for me”.

Then consciously start to recognize the signs they send. Here’s what could happen:

You may turn on the TV and see an airline advertising special rates on
trips to Europe.

A friend calls you, talking about the French fries she just made in her
new deep fryer.

Driving one day, you notice a bumper sticker that catches your eye ‘I
Love Paris’.

Before you know it, you’ll find yourself in the Attitude of Gratitude, “Thanks Angels, I’ll go to France!”

See how our Angels communicate with us? It’s truly awesome. All we have to do is simply ask for the signs, keep alert, pay attention, and trust the messages you receive. It’s really that easy!

About the Author

Kandi Ann Chehade of Angelworks is an Angel Connector and Numerologist. She has connected people with our Angels for years, giving positive & uplifting messages. Kandi also channels our loved ones, whom have crossed over.

Visit her website today: www.angelworks.us

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