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Horoscopes by AstroGirl

Born and raised in Melbourne and a die-hard Saints supporter, AstroGirl followed in her famous Aunt’s cosmic footsteps, Athena Starwoman when she landed in New York City and her star studded adventure began.

Appearing on VH1, writing for NW, Glamour and YM magazines as well as her own website www.AstroGirl.com.au, AstroGirl was also on MIX 101.1 Melbourne radio for a year giving her weekly predictions and advice to listeners.

After living in NYC for over 10 years (with a few years back in Melbourne in between), AstroGirl now makes her home in LA LA Land (Los Angeles). Living within walking distance to the famous Hollywood sign, AstroGirl is now a member of the Psychic Guild and writes daily, weekly, monthly reports as well as weekly video updates.

LA is a whole different vibe from New York and with her soul mate malti-poo Humphrey B Bear by her side, AstroGirl loves the weather and the freedom and mobility she has in Los Angeles. AstroGirl feels very spiritually connected to Los Angeles and knows her Aunt Athena is smiling down at her and enjoying the ride alongside AstroGirl and Humphrey.

AstroGirl Love Personality Report [Sample report]

Whether you are single or in a relationship, this is the report for you. It describes your emotional needs, temperament, hang-ups and issues that you bring or could bring to your relationships. Approx 4-7 pages.

Astrogirl Fitness & Lifestyle Guide - 1 month [Sample report]

This horoscope report is a monthly look at dietary and exercise potential based on the sign on the Ascendant, with a secondary look at the Moon, house, aspects and other planets. By understanding the monthly influences imposed upon you, you can work with them and avoid the pitfalls placed in your path. This Report is not intended to be used for "quick" dietary loss or health maintenance. DISCLAIMER: **No diet or exercise regime should be started without the advice of a doctor or physician. Approx 20-25 pages

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