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zodiac chartHow does an astrology report actually work, and how can it help me?  Astrology is not fortune telling, nor is it magic. It is a study of the stars, planets, and heavenly bodies, and how their energies affect us in our lives here on Earth.

An astrology report can tell you what influences are strongest in your life based upon your birth date, time, and place, and it can also give you a sense of what forces and energies are at play in your life in the years to come.

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How astrology works

Astrology is not a religion and it doesn’t control your future. Astrology is simply a mathematical study of cycles. As the stars and the galaxies are all spinning and rotating, so do their movements through space impact the energies around us.

But humans all have free will. Whereas astrology can give us an idea of when great opportunities might present themselves, if we do not act on those opportunities, nothing in our lives will change.

During difficult times, such as Mercury retrograde, obstacles can seem to litter your path. We can acknowledge the energies and take precautions using this information as advice, or we can ignore it. If you choose to be careful with your communications during times of Mercury retrograde, you can better avoid complications or difficult situations. However, if you do not take care, the warning won’t really affect your life positively either.

Astrology in history

The study of astrology is ancient. Historians believe that several different forms of astrology were developed independently by different peoples across the globe. The Maya of Central America studied the movements of the stars and built temples to attuned to their paths, as did the ancient peoples of India. The Chinese practiced astrology as early as 2000 BC and the Chaldeans of Babylonia created one of the original forms of astrology as far back as 3000 BC. That’s quite a history and it’s also quite a range.

The Zodiac, which is the circle of symbols that we use in astrology today, was different in the early years of astrological development. However, by AD 180, Ptolemy, a Greek mathematician and astronomer, developed the astrological system as we know it today.

Aspects of astrology

The study of astrology can be organized into three distinct parts that are interrelated. The elements, the planets, and the three qualities they assume are all fundamental to the study of astrology. The time of your birth is important because it determines which planets were in which houses and signs at that time. This also determines which elements influence you the most.

The elements

All of the astrological signs are categorized into the four elements: fire, earth, air, and water. Each element has a list of qualities that embody it. All of the 12 astrological signs are categorized into one of the four elements – three in each.


fireThe element of fire is powerful and full of light. It is creative and enthusiastic and enjoys playing with new ideas and concepts. The element of fire embodies leadership, passion, a broad vision, and an assertive attitude. The astrological signs that are ruled by fire are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.


earthThe earth element is about structure, foundation, form, and projects. The earth element is practical, loyal, patient, and stable. The astrological signs that are of the earth element are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.



airThe element of air embodies movement and the communication of ideas. Intellect, versatility, rationality – these are all characteristics of air signs. Air is social and gregarious, and enjoys studying and then disseminating information to others. Typically unemotional, air signs value truth and realism. The astrological signs ruled by the element of air are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.


waterThe water element takes many forms. It is passionate beneath the surface but appears reserved. Water is powerful but it can also be still. Water sustains all life on Earth and this element rules the soul. With a strong need for freedom, the element of water does not like to be restrained and it will find a way to flow. The astrological signs that are ruled by the water element are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

The Planets

The other eight planets (Earth’s brothers and sisters) along with the Sun and the Moon, are all incorporated into astrological reports and readings. Each planet has different qualities and therefore has different effects on an individual as it moves through his or her chart. A professional astrologer will have an intimate understanding of the powers and energies embodied by each of the planets. Additionally, the sun and the moon are powerful forces in astrology.

The Sun

The Sun, or the masculine energy, is your ego, your self-esteem, and also the way others see you. As the sun shines light upon all of the world throughout the day, it illuminates and reveals the truth about any situation. The placement of the sun in your chart plays a very important role in your reading or astrological report.

The Moon

The moon, on the other hand, represents the feminine. Emotions, the subconscious, the unconscious, psychic energies, magic, the unknown, the uncontrollable. The moon also rules the tides, and the phases of the moon in each month also carry significant influence and Power.

The three qualities

There are three qualities that are also very important for creating an astrology report or astrological reading. Signs are grouped into three categories: cardinal, fixed, and mutable. These come with the seasons and determine what role or objective you tend to be blessed with.

A cardinal sign initiates each of the four seasons. Cardinal signs are leaders and they are pioneering. Fixed signs reside in the second month of each season. They dig in, concentrate, and solidify ideas and energies. The last category, mutable signs, are responsible for the transition to the next season. Therefore, they are flexible, utilise communication, and are also bringers of self-destruction, for out of the old the new is reborn.

The 12 sectors

An astrological report will also incorporate the twelve sectors. There are twelve houses in twelve signs. These are the building blocks of your life. On the day of your birth, each of the planets were in different houses across the sky. Each of the sectors represents different aspects of your life.

Some of the sectors may have had multiple planets in them at the time of your birth, and others may have had none. It doesn’t matter because throughout your life these planets will pass through all of them, however, it can give you some information about the energies that you came into this world with. Here are the twelve sectors and the energies that they represent.

  • First Sector: Self, desires, ambition
  • Second Sector: Finances, self-worth, security
  • Third Sector: Mind and intellect
  • Fourth Sector: Home, domestic, lifestyle
  • Fifth Sector: Fun, pleasure, children, birth, also of creativity
  • Sixth Sector: Daily routine, methods, work
  • Seventh Sector: Marriage, business partnerships, contractual agreements
  • Eighth Sector: Rebirth, transformation, regeneration, gifts, transactions, sex, psychic intuitive, endings
  • Ninth Sector: Think big, attitudes and views, international relationships, communications, higher mind, mental exploration
  • Tenth Sector: Fame, promotions, honors, career, professional image
  • Eleventh Sector: Friendships, platonic, membership, hopes dreams, humanitarian
  • Twelfth Sector: The subconscious mind, dreams, intuition, instinct and secrets, self-sacrifice, inner suffering, limitations, secret enemies, and charity

Natal report

A professional astrologer will take your birth date, time, and location and do a complete analysis of where all of the planets were located at the time of your birth and what these influences mean in your life. They will incorporate the elements as well as the qualities of each sign to make a full picture for you.

Astrology is quite a deep study, and it involves a lot of mathematics and calculations. Conveniently, the computer has made this much easier. However, the interpretation of these energies is where the real artistry of writing astrology reports occurs.

Being able to understand the interconnectedness of all of the different forces at play is no small task. But having a natal report done for you can tell you a lot about yourself, your tendencies, and also obstacles that may tend to present in your life. A good astrologer can point those out to you and give you advice on how to overcome them.

Compatibility report

Another kind of astrology report is a compatibility report. Basically, it’s like doing a natal report for yourself and someone else, and then figuring out how they interact. First, an astrologer will take your birth date, time, and place and determine which forces are strongest in your life. Then they will do the same for the other person.

Certain signs work well together, others struggle. Doing a thorough report on both parties and then analyzing how those forces interact with one another can be very enlightening and tell you a lot about the relationship, which things will work easily, and which things may not work well at all. There are certain signs that are compatible and there a certain elements that are compatible, and obviously, it works the other way as well.


An astrological forecast will take things one step further. Based on your chart and the knowledge of the cycles of the planets, one can predict to a degree which elements and energies will be entering into your life. We know the course that Venus and Mercury will take and because we understand the influences that these planets bring, we can determine which periods of time might be optimal for certain endeavors and which may not be. As with the signs, certain planets work well together and others don’t. Whether planets are retrograde or conjunct, this all makes a big difference in astrology.

Why should I get an astrology report?

Getting an astrology report can be very enlightening. You can learn a lot about yourself and also about others. If you begin to recognize certain traits in certain astrological signs, you may understand other people’s actions, reactions, feelings, and motives better. Of course, every natal chart is like a fingerprint –  they are all unique. We are much more than the sum of our signs, however, some basic tendencies are unifying.

Every astrological report is going to be different, depending on who has written it. Although the planets, the elements, qualities, and houses are not disputable, their interpretation is. Every astrologer will find different connections or interpret the energies in their own way. And you can take a look at your chart with an eye for different things.

Different kinds of astrology reports

There are many different kinds of astrology reports out there. There are romantic compatibility and love reports. These reports will look at your own chart and the chart of your partner and then determine which forces are compatible, which are challenging, and what your future holds for you based on the movement of the celestial bodies.

As we discussed before, there are also natal or birth chart reports. These reports can focus on different aspects of yourself. For example, you could look into your life path. You could also take a look at your karma gifts and challenges.  You could get a report that digs into your personality profile, or someone else’s. Similarly, you could look at your spiritual path, your career, or your vocation. These are all different kinds of astrology reports.

And as we touched upon before, there are also future forecast reports. These reports can be written to give you a daily forecast or general life trends. They can predict love and romance or seek to ascertain your evolving personality. There are also karmic insight reports and spiritual reports. All of these use the same basic tools, but their focus and attention are different in order to answer your specific questions.

Where do I get an astrology report?

Ready to delve into the world of astrology reports? There are lots of great websites where you can get your professional astrology report with the click of a button! It’s important to make sure you get your astrology report from someone who really knows their craft. The sites that we would recommend are the following:

  • Kasamba offers astrology readings in both Vedic and Chinese astrology. The first 3 minutes are free and you can get your first reading for 15% off!
  • Keen also has a large roster of astrologers that can prepare your astrology report for you. Many of them specialize in love, Vedic, Chinese and Western astrology.
  • is another great site with a live stream where you can see your astrologer at work. Take a minute to check them out and see if you like their style.

Pros of astrology reports

  • Find out what forces are influencing your life!
  • Discover patterns and tendencies that can set you free
  • Find out who is the best match for you!

Cons of astrology reports

  • Complicated study including mathematical calculations
  • Takes years to learn properly