Results Reveal That 42% of US Adults Have Had a Psychic or a Tarot Reading

According to our Poll*, 42% of US adults admit to having had a Psychic or a Tarot Card reading.

The Survey

Between 24th and 29th January 2019, surveyed almost 3,000 US adults about their experiences with Psychic and Tarot Readings. PsychicGuild wanted to gain further understanding of the popularity of such readings as well as their importance in relation to the popularity of the industry as a whole. Our results show that a surprising 42% of US adults admit to having had a Psychic or a Tarot Card reading.

See the full breakdown of results below.

Tarot Reading Jan 2019







Psychic Reading Jan 2019






Further broken down, the split shows that almost 24% have had a tarot card reading in comparison to 18.5% having had a Psychic Reading.

IBISWorld provides some powerful statistics on the state of the Psychic market over the past five years. The US industry has grown by 2% and had reached revenue of $2bn by 2018. The number of active businesses grew by 1.6% and the number of employees by 1.4%. People are clearly asking more than enough questions on the topic for industry growth to be a certainty in the future of society as it currently stands.

Adam Grunwerg, Partner, at Psy Ventures Ltd., owner of flagship site advises, “These results show a staggering demand for psychic services in the US, far bigger than we anticipated. What’s further interesting is the large proportion of male respondents (36%) that admitted to having had a psychic reading, given that the industry that predominantly markets itself to a female audience”

The Demographic Breakdown

Looking at the poll results on a more granular level, as shown below, we are able to pick out some trends, whether they are expected or otherwise. The overwhelming result, however, is that Tarot readings appear to be the more popular choice.


Row 1 = Tarot Card reading data

Row 2 = Psychic Reading data

Psychic Tarot Breakdown 2019


The Male/Female Divide

Perhaps it is not surprising that the gender divide is biased towards the female. 48% of the female sample who have had a reading of either kind are female, versus 36% being male. When it comes to Tarot readings, the gender gap is higher at 7%, whereas with Psychic readings, the divide is lower at 5%.

Age Groups

Extrapolating the age-related data also brings some interesting results. Those under the age of twenty-five appear somewhat skeptical, according to our findings, with just 14% having had a Psychic reading. On the opposite end of the scale, those who fall into the over fifty-five bracket also provide us with lower percentages. This could well have to do with how society viewed this niche in the mid to late 20th Century, but that is to be explored another time. The age group the most likely to have had a reading is absolutely the thirty-five to forty-five, 27% of whom have had a Tarot reading and 22% of whom have had a Psychic reading.

Our Conclusion?

As expected, in summary, our results show a huge and increasing popularity in the niche.


*The total sample size was 2,797 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between 24th – 29th January 2019.  The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all US adults (aged 18+).

Predictions Psychics Have Made for 2019

Well, it’s that time of the year where the top psychics will start to predict what is likely to occur during the upcoming year. Even though we will have to wait some time to figure out what comes to pass or not, it’s still fun to see what might occur in the future.  

Here are some of the predictions that have been by psychics and tarot readers for 2019.

A Rocky Political Climate

Well, ok, we already know that we are in for a rocky time politically, especially with Brexit.  But Foxglove Tarot predicts that there will be power struggles everywhere politically. Not just over Brexit but amongst politicians and parties too.  And it’s likely that power struggles will continue int 2020 unless they everyone can learn to work together.

This is an interesting prediction because it almost represents the state of the world right now.  We are being called to start to come together rather than working for our gain. And this prediction, if it comes true is just a mirror of what will be happening worldwide across all walks of life, politically or not.  

Perseverance & Humility Is Important For 2019

2019 is not the year to continue to ‘wing things’, or ‘blag’.  Those who will win in 2019 are those who work hard to hone their craft, and share it humbly with others.  “Easy come, easy go” will be 2019’s common phrase.

Protect yourself by making sure you address your weaknesses and develop the skills needed to do whatever it is that you want to do.  

Peace And Connection

Other psychics have predicted that we might begin to find peace and connection during 2019.  Which seems to fit in with the notion (predicted by different psychics) that people need to learn to work together, get real about their actions and find their way to humility.  

This is a hopeful prediction which means that if we can learn to be more real, and to work together with each other, we will find our way to something new and good.  And the good thing is, we can support this idea by taking the advice from the other predictions (mentioned above) and intending to develop a loving peaceful and connected vibe in our words. Which will, without question then manifest outward into the world.

Now that would be a great year if all of this worked out don’t you think?

Have you heard any psychic predictions for 2019 that you hope will come true?  Why not share your thoughts in the comments below?


What to do if you don’t like the psychic who is reading for you

We’ve all had a time in our life when we clash with another person.  There can be nothing wrong with you or that person, but well, your energy just doesn’t sync.  And in most situations, it’s either going to be a problem that you need to get over if such person is a colleague or family member, or you can keep on walking by.  

But what happens when the psychic you have just called for a psychic reading is not your kind of person at all.  Do you stay on the line and try to enjoy the reading despite the disconnect or do you move onto a different psychic or tarot reader?

While you can easily switch your psychic reader to a different one, simply by ending the call, or psychic chat and then re-dialling another online psychic, which is what most psychic sites would recommend you do, there can be some merit in staying too.  

Here’s why:

A Powerful Connection

Sometimes, the psychic might be reflecting your own energy through their actions, almost as if they are getting instant transference – which means they have a powerful connection and probably need a minute to shake it off.

Personality Clash But An Interesting Perspective

Other times, the psychic could not be your cup of tea personality-wise, but it doesn’t mean that they are not showing you aspects of your self that you need to know about and in a different way that might be making you unconsciously listen to the message.  Sometimes the best lessons come from people we wouldn’t usually hang around.

So how can you tell between a psychic who is not connecting and a psychic who you doesn’t ‘vibe’ with?

Here are six tips to make sure you are enjoying a reading with a focused and well-connected psychic.

1.Be Self Aware

Check in with yourself and make sure you are open to the reading and not shutting down or projecting your anxiety or distrust onto the psychic.

2.Don’t Talk Too Much

Notice how the psychic is speaking. If they are shutting you down as you speak, don’t take offence. Sure it’s rude in normal conversation, but they are probably trying to stop you from telling them everything and then distorting the reading.  Most psychic readers and tarot readers prefer to read cold without knowing too much about your circumstances. You can always ask questions at the end.

3.Watch Out For Too Much Stalling

If however, a psychic is ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ too much and allowing you to use up all your time talking only to then repeat what you say then it’s time to hang up. Unless you want to keep talking and it’s making you feel better.

The best psychics are aware that you are paying for minutes and want to give you the most value for your money. They won’t let you keep talking unless they have realised that is what you need to do  (some people have nobody else to offload on and just need somebody to listen).

4.Become Aware Of Distractions

If there is a lot of background noise, the psychic seems unfocused or distracted then it’s time to hang up. You’ll get a more professional reading from someone else.  

5.Talking Nonsense At You

If a psychic continues to tell you what you want to hear, without giving you any insight or practical advice, take heed.  That’s a clue that they are not connecting properly.

6. If You’re Still Not Sure

If you are really not sure, hang up and try again.  

It will always help to enhance the quality of your reading if you take time to prepare for your psychic reading before you call a psychic.  Take a few minutes to be calm and still. Focus on your question and what outcomes you want for your situation.  Be ready to connect with your psychic.  

This way the psychic has the best chance of connecting with you fast. 

Have you ever thought a psychic reader was not going to be good, but they turned out great?  Share your story in the comments below.  

7 False Assumptions People Often Make About Psychics

It’s hard to choose a good psychic we understand that, but sometimes, it’s even harder when we have expectations about a psychic that doesn’t always match the reality.  The best way to make the most out of a psychic reading is to understand some of the examples where expectation versus reality is very different so that you can be confident that the psychic you chose is the real deal.

And so we’ve listed some of the common assumptions that people make right here to help you make a good choice the next time you enjoy a psychic reading.

1.Psychics receive their messages as clearly as we see, sense or hear things that are in our physical world.

Most people who approach a psychic for a reading, may not even give this assumption a second thought.  However, it makes all the difference in understanding what is occurring during your reading.  

Psychics might have a sense of something, they may hear a combination of words, or see flashes of images which all may be symbolic and require translation, or are only part of the story.  The psychic then has to learn how to put these pieces of the puzzle together so that they can make sense out of it for you.

This is where the psychics’ skill is required.  It can take years of practice to learn how to translate or even understand the messages they receive.  

So when you are enjoying a psychic reading and the psychic is vague, or cannot answer a question directly – this is probably why.  

2.Because you are paying for the reading you can control the message.

You can’t control the psychic messages you receive from a psychic.  It doesn’t matter how much you pay the psychic nor how demanding you become.  The messages you receive are what you need, and never usually what you want.

If what you want and need aligns then that often makes a happy client, but if they differ, a good psychic won’t appease you with what you want to hear.  

Instead, they’ll simply pass on the message that they receive for you.

3.All psychics can predict.

Not all psychics can predict, and really, they shouldn’t anyway.  This is because a prediction is based on a future event that hasn’t occurred.  It’s just a possibility, one of many.

All future events are dependent on too many variables for it to be set in stone.  For example, somebody makes a decision that changes the future, somebody becomes sick, a company goes bankrupt, all of which change the course of all future events and nullify any predictions made.

  1. 4.All psychics are deliberately vague.

Some psychics are deliberately vague because they are not connecting with you and don’t tell you this, or because they are not very skilled yet.  

However, the messages that are received and passed onto people are usually vague.  As explained in point 1. If a psychic uses tarot as a tool, the message might become more evident, because the tarot cards tend to reveal more information.  

5.It’s easy for a psychic to understand and relay the messages they receive.

Nope, translating messages is hard.  This is where the skill and experience of a psychic is applied.  It takes years to hone this skill of translating messages, and is often why some psychics are labelled fakes.  Simply because they are still learning how to translate the messages they receive.

6.All psychics can contact the dead.

Only mediums can make contact with your lost loved ones.

7.Psychics are fake if they don’t read perfectly every time.

Of course, some psychics might be fake. However, it’s also possible that they are just having a bad day, are sick or are finding it difficult to connect with you.

If a psychic is not feeling perfectly healthy and balanced, they can have difficulty connecting which can be the cause of a poor reading.  

The messages can also be too advanced for the psychic or the person having the reading to realise or understand too.  But in the future, the penny drops and the reader recognises what the psychic was communicating. Some psychic messages season over time! They can also serve as a signpost to lead you where you need to go.

These are just a few examples of how we make false assumptions about psychics.  If you are unsure who to call when you want a psychic reading, it always helps to use a psychic hotline such as those recommended here, because they screen their readers and you can always read the reviews to find the psychics who are consistently good.  

What confuses you about psychics?  Please leave your comments below.


How A Psychic Can Change Your life : 3 Real Life Examples

Freelance Journalist Elizabeth Day explains in an article for Elle Magazine how a psychic gave her hope, predicted her future career and relationship and gave her courage and faith when she went through some huge changes in her life – particularly in her love life and career.  

While Elizabeth claims that not all things predicted came true (which is not surprising as predictions can never be set in stone).  She conveys in her tale of her visit to a well known psychic in LA that the psychic focused particularly on her romantic life and career despite Elizabeth paying particular attention to not giving too much away.  As it turns out, these were the two areas in her life that were in the throes of significant change and the guy that this particular psychic predicted for Elizabeth actually turned up and became her significant other!  

Tales Of Mediumship

Al Deluise a contributor to Huff Post Discussed how a psychic medium contacted a friend who had passed away only a couple of months before.  It sent shivers down his spine and is something he’s never forgotten since.  The interesting thing about this article is that it also discusses other experiences that Al had with other psychics, which were not all so good.  But he was blown away when his friend’s husband came through in his reading.

Giving Out Real Advice

Louis Baragona in his article for The Insider, Explains not just how his tarot reading predictions came true but also how the advice given to him was so strong that it had the opportunity to take his dating life from soul-less and soul destroying to finally being able to be in the position to attract the right person for him into his life.  This story is an excellent example of how a psychic might not always say what you want to hear but they do say what you need to hear.

Have you had any life-changing experiences with a psychic?  Please share your story in the comments below.


The Best 12 Crystals For Your Zodiac Sign

Crystals these days are not only used for their healing properties, but they are also fashionable.  Often featuring in the homes of celebrities but not just because they look decorative.  Celebrities also enjoy their magical properties.  Some even go as far as to get some crystal healing from an online psychic too.  

Which we highly recommend by the way!

You too can enhance the magical properties of crystals by using the right crystal to match your zodiac sign.  And we have created a list of the most popular crystals for each sign.

So, without further ado, here are twelve of the best healing crystals for your star sign.


Carnelian is the crystal for Aries for they bring a sense of calm confidence to an Aries which tones down their communication style and smoothes out the Aries fervent edges.


Petrified wood even though it doesn’t sound too appealing this crystal is grounding and helps Taureans bring in and maintain a sense of love and peace.


Labradorite helps to pull a Gemini together so that they can engage all of the facets of their personality and bring them together easily.  This to a Gemini is like bringing peace and tranquillity to them – without the sense of boredom!


Red Jasper is a beautiful stone for a Cancer; its nurturing properties provide Cancerians with the support and comfort that they often get from retreating to their shell.


Pyrite is the perfect stone to assist in motivating and using Leo’s loveable energy productively and lovingly, and to support all Leo’s in dropping the drama!


Green Apophyllite helps Virgo’s to loosen up their strings and to flow with nature a little more.  Helping you to find and connect with your natural and caring nature.


Sodalite assists Libra’s diplomacy by helping to bring in authenticity and wisdom – which means that it also helps Libra’s to make decisions.


Scorpio’s as we all know are intense and can bring much of what they focus on into reality; however, sometimes they are just a little too fierce – citrine balances out this energy so that you can manifest well but by focusing calmly.


Tree Agate helps Sagittarians remain adventurous in heart even when they have to deal with the mundane everyday aspects of life.  It will ground your free-spiritedness into intuition.


Garnet is a Capricorn’s best friend.  Sometimes they overwork, and can feel frustrated with their efforts, and in those situations, a garnet can stimulate new energy and help to calm any anxiety they may feel.


Amethyst encourages strength and peace, which is a perfect tonic for an Aquarius.  They often live in their heads, and it can be difficult sometimes for them to connect their mind with their body.  Amethyst assists Aquarians greatly in helping them balance out the imaginary and the realistic so that you can dream up new sustainable ideas with ease.


Pisces are constantly soothing … everything.  And so they benefit greatly from a soothing crystal to help comfort them too, and aquamarine brings in a beautiful watery vibe that Pisces will rest well in.

Top Tip! Use your zodiac crystal when you are enjoying a tarot reading or psychic reading too, and it will help to enhance the message you recieve.  Some will do so by balancing your energy so that you can make a clearer connection with your psychic, while others will help you to integrate the messages you receive better.   

What are your favourite crystals?  Do you use one to compliment your starsign?  Let us know in the comments below.


5 Celebrities Who Have Visited A Psychic

When you think of celebrities, it’s easy to associate them with Hollywood since that’s where most of the A-Listers tend to hang out.  And we all know that in Hollywood anything goes. So with that in mind, we were interested to find out what celebrities tend to enjoy a psychic reading or two and why.  

While digging around we discovered that most celebs who use a psychic do so, seemingly for all of the same reasons that any other person would; for career advice, to find out more on, or get help with their love life, to contact a lost loved one, or just to learn about what’s in store for them in the near future.  

Here are five celebrity visits a psychic stories that we found interesting enough to share.

1.Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt, appears to have visited a well known psychic to the stars on numerous occasions.  We just don’t understand why. Maybe it’s for career advice and that’s how he stays on top of his game, or for some help to sort out his rather complicated love life.  Who knows but he is one surprising Celebrity who participates in a touch of psychic interaction occasionally.

2.Sarah Jessica Parker

Legend has it that Sarah Jessica Parker once visited a psychic to find out if she should do a Sex In The City Sequel.  We wonder what else she discovered during her visit.

3.Angelina Jolie

Unsurprisingly Angelina Jolie has made a trip to see a psychic medium, apparently to make contact with her deceased Mother.  We are not surprised by this idea though, Angelina seems to be a celebrity who would enjoy a touch of psychic interaction now and again.

4.Cameron Diaz

If the rumours are to be true, then we can also add Cameron Diaz to our list of Celebrities who visit a psychic.  Her reasons? Well, she wanted to know when she would meet the love of her life (apparently).

Even the stars can feel a little uncertain in this area too, and it makes sense to check out a love psychic to find some peace of mind.  Good on you Cameron.

5.George Clooney (we saved the best story until last)

And last but not least has to be George Clooney.  This is my favourite celebrity visits a psychic tale.  Not just because it shows that even successful attractive men who appear to have it all have to seek solace and guidance occasionally but also because of his alleged reasons for visiting a psychic.

Wait for it …

It was to get some help in coming to terms with the loss of his pet pig.  


A man who loves animals is everything!  

This story is a perfect example of how grief can be a challenging experience and how a psychic can help to alleviate some of that pain even in the midst of your loss.  

Have you heard of any celebrities who have visited psychics?  What was your favourite story? Let us know in the comments below.  


How DIY Sacred Rituals Can Take Your Life From Average To Outstanding

Have you ever wondered why so many people from all walks of life and all kinds of faith follow sacred rituals?  

Some people might believe that such rituals  invoke magic whereas others might not even give it a second thought as to why so many people like a ritual or two.  But even if you don’t prescribe to any of the rituals that have made it to your attention, there is a huge benefit you can reap from creating your own sacred rituals and it’s so good that you will wonder why you haven’t started creating your own sacred rituals before now!

In essence, a sacred ritual is all about elevating something that is important to you by holding it sacred.  And you elevate that idea, practice or thing by assigning more worth to it through a ritual. In doing so, you develop a habit of reminding yourself to appreciate and respect whatever it is that you deem to be sacred and you hold it sacred with every fibre of your being.  

And when you come to practice your sacred ritual, you not only place it higher in importance than other things in your life (which makes it an excellent tool for goal accomplishment), but you’ll also be unconsciously bringing in a sense of wholeness.  As well as a sense of fulfilment, elevated confidence and wellbeing – just by practising such a ritual (as long as it’s a healthy ritual).

To make it sacred, you really have to invest in a process that enhances the experience or routine that you are deciding to make sacred.  

So for example; if you choose to make your daily exercise routine sacred, you might save wear specific clothes, meditate for five minutes beforehand to get into the right mindset and then afterwards you might shower using a special soap, while contemplating the good that you have done for you and your wellbeing.  

The idea is you stick to a ritual; you make it sacred by creating a unique mindful routine that you follow to the letter daily and by using ritual specific props (such as the soap, the clothes, the meditation, and the shower in the example used above).  When you do this, it becomes a habit, and that habit can make a world of difference to your mindset – for the good of course!

Whatever ritual you decide to do, you need to make and hold it sacred to achieve the best results.  

Examples of rituals  you can make sacred are:

  • Daily Hygiene Routine
  • Gratitude or personal discovery journal
  • Practising a skill to improve your work
  • Goal setting or planning your day.
  • Healthy breakfast routine.
  • Exercise routine
  • Meditating
  • Walking the dog
  • A relaxation ritual
  • Pre-sleep ritual
  • Wake up ritual
  • Attract love into your life ritual
  • Health ritual

It seems as though in our Western World, nothing is sacred anymore, and so by starting to make something sacred, even if it’s just one small activity that is important for you, you begin to add more meaning to your life and begin to attract more of what you deem to sacred.  

To get started, think of something that would contribute to your life right now and in the future and start making a mini sacred ritual out of doing whatever it is that you have decided is important.  

If you are unsure what to prioritise in your life, don’t forget to check out an online psychic advisor who can help you understand what to prioritise as a ritual and even what types of props to use in the process.  

Similarly if you want to achieve a goal such as attracting love in your life, a love psychic can help you choose a routine and specific attraction props to help you start to move yourself in to a position that is perfect for bringing in a happy and healthy relationship.  As we have already said, sacred rituals are incredible.


6 Important Reasons Why You Are Always Single

If you are an eternal singleton, you probably need to cast your eyes on this article!  

We all know (or we should know) that the first step to change is awareness, and the next is acceptance. So with this principle in mind check out these common reasons why you might still be single.  If any resonate with you, congratulations! You’ve just made the first step to moving your life into the direction of your relationship dreams!

And if they don’t then may we suggest you call a psychic to find out what else might be blocking you!  

Here are six reasons why you might still be single:

1: Low Confidence

If you have low confidence or esteem, you are not going to find it easy to trust yourself to be in, or to sustain a loving relationship, so much so that you might unconsciously reject the right people (or isolate yourself) to avoid having to deal with this.  

Building confidence is a challenge, but it is 100% possible. You have to find your pathway to confidence, and a psychic is the perfect type of person to help you find out how to move forward.  


2: Insecure Attachment Style

John Bowlby’s Attachment Theory is a well-used framework for understanding why people develop insecure attachments or attachment disorders.  

Insecure attachment styles and attachment disorders arise from early childhood and can cause us immense problems in our ability to relate as adults.


Such problems can include:

  • Fear of intimacy
  • Too clingy
  • Getting into unhealthy or even dangerous relationships
  • Developing idealistic and unhelpful concepts about how a relationship should be.
  • Jealousy in relationships.
  • A lack, or fear of commitment

The list above is a small example from an extensive list of problems that can occur in an insecure attachment style.

Approximately 40% of the western population has an insecure attachment style. The problem is real guys!

Understanding your attachment style, and then working on yourself to reconcile these issues can help you put yourself in a place where you can correct these patterns and then you might just get stuck into a fabulous relationship without fearing vulnerability or rejection.  

Now wouldn’t that be worth the effort?

3: Mommy/Daddy Issues

If you find yourself struggling with a partner and the patterns are similar in some way to the patterns you have with one of your parents,  you might be unconsciously trying to reconcile this situation through your relationship.

The good news is that you are clearly ready to resolve the issues with your parent because otherwise it wouldn’t come up for you. But doing so through a partner is not going to help you.  

Instead, why not work on healing the issues you have with your parent alone (you don’t have to involve your parent to heal this though –  and probably shouldn’t).

When you meet somebody new, after you’ve resolved the problem in your psyche you can start this relationship with a clean slate. Giving you the best opportunity to enjoy a loving relationship.

4: Fear Of The Opposite Sex

There can be many reasons why somebody might fear the opposite sex (they often do so unconsciously and don’t even realise they have this fear).  The trick here is to resolve the trauma you have inside and learn how to trust the opposite sex, even if you have to determine what signs to look out for and what not to.  

5: Unrealistic Expectations

Society and Disney movies often fill us with unrealistic expectations about what type of person we should desire, and what kind of relationship we should have.  

There are so many people who try to build a life based on unrealistic and unachievable expectations.  

Could you be such a person?  

If you think you might be, now is the time to start looking at that and working out what’s really important in a partner and a relationship!  Keep on reading to find out how.

6: Isolation

Whether you are shy, live somewhere remote, or even have a remote job and no way of connecting socially.  Isolation can be a genuine reason for being single.  

If isolation might be getting in your way of happiness, you’ll need to figure out how you can bring yourself out of isolation.  

Even if that means swallowing your fear … think about the return on investment if you manage to find that dream partner as a result.  

So now we know some of the main reasons why people are often the eternal singleton how do you go about fixing the problems?  

Well, any form of therapy or counselling will get you started, and … of course, a good psychic will help you to find the right step forward to unblocking your pathway to romantic happiness.  You never know they might help you heal too – in fact, they probably will.

Most good psychic sites off introductory rates as a new customer.  Here’s the link to some of our favourites.  

What to do If Your Home Is Haunted

There’s nothing worse than living in a haunted house; our homes are our place of respite, they should provide a sense of safety and protection and give us the opportunity to rest and rejuvenate from the world.  It’s not so easy to do that if we have to live amongst a gaggle of spirits too.

It’s not just the drain on your energy or feelings of restlessness that you will experience in a haunted house, but the fact that you may not feel safe which will not promote rest but also that you may feel that you have no control over the situation.

Busy Home, Busy Mind

In some houses, the spirit activity can make your home feel like Piccadilly circus, and that’s not good in a home.  It’s also impossible in this situation to control the type of spirit that is present, although, in my book, good or bad spirits all need to leave – it’s the only way to create the cleanest and calmest environment for your soul.  

I’m often called upon to help my friends and family check out the vibes in their future homes, and am always surprised when my friends pull out of a house where I have said that I’m not sure about the energy.  Even if they love the house. It’s as though they too could feel something, but they were not sure.

Are You Living In A Haunted House?

But what do you do if you happen to own and live in a haunted house?  Especially one that is not giving you good vibes?

Well, paranormal investigators are the people you need or psychics who deal with hauntings to help you clear up the energy.  But finding them locally is a challenge, they are few and far between unless you look online!  

Paranormal Investigators Online

Most people don’t realise that they can find paranormal experts who deal with hauntings and they can do so easily by accessing them online.  These experts can remotely clear the energy in your home and release spirits on your behalf, or they can advise you on what to do to clear your home.  

It’s just such a shame that many people carry on living with spirits in their home and wondering why they don’t feel relaxed or refuelled and they don’t even know that they could get help and they definitely don’t realise that they can get that help in less than two minutes!

Take Action Now

So if your home is haunted don’t wait any longer, you deserve the peace that a home should bring you, and no spirits should be welcome.

To find an expert who deals with hauntings, either check out the sites linked here (check out the table which lists a number of options)  or head straight over to Kasamba who have plenty of specialists available to you.  All you need to do in both cases is click on the sites recommended and do a search for ‘hauntings’ to get help right away.

And if you are thinking about moving into a new home, check out a fortune teller and get them to check out the energy of your home for you – they can do so remotely.  

Is your home haunted?  Have you called in an expert in hauntings to solve the problem?  Who did you call and how did it go? Why not share your store here in the comments and inspire others to get the help they need.