5 Celebrities Who Have Visited A Psychic

When you think of celebrities, it’s easy to associate them with Hollywood since that’s where most of the A-Listers tend to hang out.  And we all know that in Hollywood anything goes. So with that in mind, we were interested to find out what celebrities tend to enjoy a psychic reading or two and why.  

While digging around we discovered that most celebs who use a psychic do so, seemingly for all of the same reasons that any other person would; for career advice, to find out more on, or get help with their love life, to contact a lost loved one, or just to learn about what’s in store for them in the near future.  

Here are five celebrity visits a psychic stories that we found interesting enough to share.

1.Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt, appears to have visited a well known psychic to the stars on numerous occasions.  We just don’t understand why. Maybe it’s for career advice and that’s how he stays on top of his game, or for some help to sort out his rather complicated love life.  Who knows but he is one surprising Celebrity who participates in a touch of psychic interaction occasionally.

2.Sarah Jessica Parker

Legend has it that Sarah Jessica Parker once visited a psychic to find out if she should do a Sex In The City Sequel.  We wonder what else she discovered during her visit.

3.Angelina Jolie

Unsurprisingly Angelina Jolie has made a trip to see a psychic medium, apparently to make contact with her deceased Mother.  We are not surprised by this idea though, Angelina seems to be a celebrity who would enjoy a touch of psychic interaction now and again.

4.Cameron Diaz

If the rumours are to be true, then we can also add Cameron Diaz to our list of Celebrities who visit a psychic.  Her reasons? Well, she wanted to know when she would meet the love of her life (apparently).

Even the stars can feel a little uncertain in this area too, and it makes sense to check out a love psychic to find some peace of mind.  Good on you Cameron.

5.George Clooney (we saved the best story until last)

And last but not least has to be George Clooney.  This is my favourite celebrity visits a psychic tale.  Not just because it shows that even successful attractive men who appear to have it all have to seek solace and guidance occasionally but also because of his alleged reasons for visiting a psychic.

Wait for it …

It was to get some help in coming to terms with the loss of his pet pig.  


A man who loves animals is everything!  

This story is a perfect example of how grief can be a challenging experience and how a psychic can help to alleviate some of that pain even in the midst of your loss.  

Have you heard of any celebrities who have visited psychics?  What was your favourite story? Let us know in the comments below.  


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