12 Astrological Houses and their Significant Value Part 2

It is believed that the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses are the most important houses among the 12 houses in astrology. These houses are called the “angular houses” as their cusps coincide with the 4 special angles: ascendant, I.C., descendant, and M.C. It is also believed that planets in the angular houses will cause the most influence on your horoscopes.

1st House - the most important house in the birth chart as it includes the ascendant or rising sign, this house is said to rule the head, face, upper lip, and upper jaw, cerebrum (brain). Associated with Astrology sign Aries and the Planet Mars, this house is indicative of the subject’s physical features, complexion, nature, health, ego and so on.

2nd House – Associated with Taurus and the Planet Venus, this house is all about possessions ranging from physical possessions and money, to personal self esteem and talents and feelings of the person. It represents the throat, tongue, nose, right eye and face. This house also concerned with wealth and affluence, family relations, power of speech, creative potential, journeys, face etc.

3rd House - This house rules the vocal chords, speech, fingers, arms, hands, shoulders, lungs and nervous system. Associated with Gemini and the Planet Mercury, this house is concerned with siblings, mental attitude, communication and neighbors as well as individual prowess, self interest, patience, courage, longevity, self interest etc.

4th House - Associated with Cancer and Moon, this house symbolizes the subject’s immediate environment, home life, mother, emotion, landed property, dwelling place, personal conveyance, and future conditions. It rules the uterus, digestion, heart and breasts, stomach and womb.

5th House – This house is the house of pleasure and creativity. Associated with Leo and Sun, this house symbolizes an individual’s Children, creativity, strength, psychological disposition, speculation, intelligence etc. It also rules the heart, spine, sides of the body, stomach and intestines, upper back.

6th House – the House of Health, this house rules the solar plexus (midriff), bowels, colon, intestines and abdomen. It is concerned with routine tasks and duties. It also symbolizes enemies, impediments, fear, sins, disappointments, debts, diseases, employment conditions etc.

7th House – the House of Partnerships, this house represents wife, business partnerships, gambling, passions, sexual relationships etc. Associated with Libra and Planet Venus, this house is represented by the person’s sex organs, uterus, ovary, kidneys and bladder.

8th House – This house is the House of Reincarnation. It is concerned with death, generative organs, hidden aspects of an individual, occultism, legacy, unearned income, secret maneuverings, life of the spouse, place and surroundings of death.

9th House – The House of Philosophy, it is concerned with long distance travels and journeys, religion, law and ethics, higher education and knowledge. Associated with Sagittarius and Jupiter, it rules the sciatic nerve, liver, hips and thighs.

10th House – the House of Social Status, this house is all about ambitions, motivations, career, status in society, government and authority. Associated with Capricorn and Saturn, this house represents Profession, prosperity, nervous energy, good deeds, political success, reputation and knees.

11th House – the House of Friendships, this house is all concerned about friends and acquaintances of like-minded attitudes, groups, clubs and societies and higher associations. Associated with Aquarius and Uranus, this house symbolizes Gains, income, friendship, social life, elder sisters etc.

12th House - This house is the House of Self-Undoing. It is concerned with Mysticism. It represents elusive, clandestine, secretive or unbeknown matters. Associated with Pisces and Neptune, this house represents Expenditure, useless efforts, subconscious mind, hidden resources, evil deeds, obstacles, tiresome travels etc.

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