Ascendant and Descendant Axis in Astrology Explained

When learning about astrology and horoscopes, you almost always hear about the Ascendant and the Descendant. To better understand their Ascendant and Descendant Axis in Astrologyroles, it is best to describe both first.

The Ascendant is the zodiacal sign that was ascending on the eastern horizon during a given event’s time and location. Thus, it is called the rising sign. This is likened to the rising of the sun that signifies the dawn or start of something new as the Ascendant also represents a person’s awakening.

Furthermore, the Ascendant is seen by astrologers to be about the way a person learns to portray himself to the world, whether in public or in personal encounters. In short, it could represent a person’s defense mechanism which he uses when he feels uncomfortable with this environment.

The Descendant, on the other hand, is the direct opposite of the Ascendant. It refers to partnerships or relationships that form the cusp of the seventh house of the horoscope. Libra is its ruling sign while Venus is its ruling planet.

Here are other information that are helpful about the Ascendant and Descendant Axis in astrology. The Ascendant and Descendant axis refers to the point on the ascendant that is opposite to the point on the descendant.

1. The Ascendant relates to the personality that you display when you deal with other people. It deals with your temperament.

2. The Ascendant represents how you present yourself to others. The Descendant, on the other hand, portrays your specific characteristics with people that you have close partnerships, friendships, and relationships with.

3. If one’s ruling planet is in the seventh house, it means that the individual finds his or her identity through the relationships he or she has with other people.

Some Ascendant-Descendant Axis combinations:

1. Ascendant Gemini-Descendant Sagittarius means that you never found it easy to approach people of the opposite sex when you were young. Since intellectual exchange is necessary for you, you take joy in the fact that you and your partner do not always share the same views. As your relationship keeps changing, you need to know why that happens and you use your intellect to understand why such changes happen. Just be aware that too much of this intellectual thing can be dangerous to your relationship.

2. Ascendant Cancer-Descendant Capricorn. The good thing about you here is that you have a special attachment to your family, especially to your mother. You take strength from the stability brought about by your relationship with your family. However, this love for them makes them able to control you which is the downside of this combination.

3. Ascendant Leo-Descendant Aquarius. Your partner will have positive influences on you especially on the aspect of helping you get over your self-centered tendencies. Your partner will take the role of letting you know that outside is a beautiful world that you need to share with other people.

4. Ascendant Virgo-Descendant Pisces. You are a compassionate person and other people will see this in you. In fact, they will get something from you because of these traits. It is important to remember that you ought to get these also from other people. It is a two-way street that you have to tread.

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