Cancer: Understanding the Complicated Astrological Sign

Cancer: Understanding the Complicated Astrological Sign

In the last topic, we have discussed Taurus: From Social to Sensual. Individuals under this Earth sign are known to effortlessly blend well in the crowd, though they could be stubborn at times, as they have a strong will of just believing what they want or choose to believe. These people are also identified as nature lovers, which spontaneously makes them very sensual life companions.

In this post, we deal with Cancerian’s extreme behaviors and complex minds.

Cancer, a water element being controlled by the Moon, is one of the most challenging zodiac signs to understand. They are recognized as moody characters since they follow the phases of the lunar cycle that forms their fleeting emotional patterns.

Family Orientated and Friendly: 

Cancers are capable of great love and likes to keep an intimate atmosphere. These individuals mostly care about family bonds and greatly cherishes household memories by keeping them intact for years. They tend to be the homebody types as they strive to build comfortable homes that they can call their own. They socialize and connect with friends very well but they are also cautious to people not approved by their closest surrounding. However, once friendship is built, you can be assured that Cancers will do just about anything to support a friend.

Kindhearted and Emotional:

People born under this sign are truly thoughtful and sympathetic. Just like the Crab symbol, they look hard and insensitive on the outside, but deep inside it holds a soft and sensitive personality. When you get to know them, you will discover how they are filled with respect and empathy to others. Cancerians are quick to help others just as they are equally quick in avoiding conflicts. Yes, they are very compassionate and caring, but beware, as they can be unforgiving too. Cancers are not good in communicating their feelings when they are hurt and upset because they shut down all emotional responses.

Loving and Enigmatic:

Being an emotional sign, taking care of one’s feelings is what matters most to them in a relationship. No other sign is more dedicated to love like them, equally though, no sign takes it severely when romance flips on the bad side either. In general, because of their unstable persona, Cancerians are charming, secretive, inspiring and really attractive. They are known to be incredibly intense and passionate partners as they crave for intimate relationships and long term commitments.

Curious about What Zodiac Signs are Well-Matched with CANCER?

Here’s a Brief Compatibility of Cancer to other Signs:

  • CANCER to Aries
    Cancer is water, Aries is fire – that alone says a lot about this combination. It would be an interesting pairing as these 2 signs are actually opposites. One is always on the go for adventures, while the other prefers a peaceful and quiet ambiance. So it would take a lot of effort to make this relationship work out.
  • CANCER to Gemini
    The dynamic duo. Cancer and Gemini may be the opposites but they complement each other very well, as they share the same interest in socializing and cultural activities. Both are family-oriented and likes children, hence they make a good pair of parents too.
  • CANCER to Leo
    The Sun (Leo) and Moon (Cancer). They are a love match and they know how to fulfill each other’s emotional desires. Cancer needs permanence and emotional harmony, while Leo yearn for compliments and appreciation. With mutual hard work, these two can grow together.
  • CANCER to Libra
    When Cancer and Libra blend, it is not only elegant and physical but also emotional. This kind of relationship is highly sensitive as both parties tend to internalize their feelings. Sometimes, their moods may not synchronize but it is undeniable that sexual attraction between these two is irresistible.
  • CANCER to Sagittarius
    It is true when they say opposites attract just like how Cancer and Sagittarius are. Their differences can actually complement one another and they will realize they can get along pretty well. But it would entail a great deal of patience and persistence from both signs in order to see progress in their relationship.
  • CANCER to Aquarius
    Cancer and Aquarius may not be a perfect pair of signs but they can be a great example of mismatched love affair in the beginning that eventually works out in the end. They just need to give time and learn to adjust with their incompatibilities. Since they have a healthy respect for each other, romance and sexual desirability is strong. If not handled properly, the relationship between these two can be very stressful when Cancer, who is very emotional and sensitive, gets frustrated by Aquarius’s commitment issues.

Do you know more about a Cancerian’s traits and personality? Feel free to share with us your thoughts in the comments section. We’d love to hear and learn more from you too!

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