How Does Astrology Affect Your Health and Emotions?

Oftentimes, we find people reacting in different ways. They may also tend to exhibit different moods. And when the time comes when a certain person How Does Astrology Affects Emotions and Healthbehaves rather unusually, we immediately jump to the conclusion that “he is reacting based on the position of his stars”. Oddly enough, there could be some truth to this. In a nutshell, astrology does affect one’s health and emotions.

The truth of the matter is that horoscope and the astrological signs provide us many answers to many questions. And so with that, it can be said that one’s moods can change depending on where our stars, moon, and planets are located in the sky.

Mood swings and the stars

Every woman reaches the end of her reproductive years called menopause. If we refer it to doctors, science in general, would say that a woman’s mood swings at this time are caused by changes and fluctuations in her hormones. However, if we base it on astrology, such mood swings can be caused by the moon being at the end of the cycle.

What we do not know about is that the full moon, which we all appreciate, can affect one’s moods. It can make people more sensitive to stress. It has also been found out that the period of the full moon records a higher rate of crimes. And when the new moon appears, such mood swings also dissipate. This is because the coming of a new moon signifies a new beginning and it lets off an aura of serenity as well as calmness. At this time, we are full of energy, making us feel healthier and more able to perform tasks.

The moon is known to also have control over tides in water. And since our bodies are also made of 75 percent water, we also tend to react to the moon’s phases.

Apart from the moon, star signs or astrological signs also affect one’s moods and emotions. Capricorns, above all other signs, are known to be notorious for their uneven temper. Moreover, Cancer can also have a colossal mood swing when they experience the slightest shift in their stars. The Virgo, on the other hand, is not like the first two. This sign is not very often affected by mood swings.

Having such information, it is quite interesting and worthwhile to know how to use the astrological chart in order that we will be guided as to how we should act and react during the times of the moon’s changes. Astrology gives us access to the choices that we have for the future and also the corresponding courses of action that we must take to achieve better futures. Also, it gives us an idea of our own and other people’s personalities and temperaments.

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