How Real Horoscope and Astrology Are?

So many people are so fond of horoscopes. Though some come to horoscope readers for just the thrill of having an idea of what may happen next, there are still others who are very much into this that they seek daily horoscope. However, the question still remains whether this and astrology are ever really true? Are we being fooled into believing that there is a possibility for us to actually know the future? Are we being lured into doing things?

If astrology and horoscope have lived through time, why is it that until today there are many skeptics and unbelievers? Do they have any reason why it is impossible for them to actually practice it? We shall try to determine if such predictions have come true or if we had been led to do such things in a psychological way.

Are horoscopes true?

The answer to this may very well be yes. The word horoscope originated from “horoskopos” which meant “look at the hours”. The movement of the planets was being predicted by the ancient astrologers and these also became the representation of their gods’ activities. These gods include Marduk who represented Jupiter, Ishtar who represented Venus, Ninurta for Saturn, Nerger for Mars, and Nabu for Mercury. When the activities of Sin and Shamash, the gods of the moon and the sun, were added, the activities of earth were predicted.

What should be needed in order to have a complete and accurate horoscope?

The date, time, and location of the person’s birth are very important. This allows the astrologer to place one’s sun sign on the first house of the astrological chart. Then each house follows. All these data are necessary as these allow the astrologer to tell what types of issues may be of importance to the one seeking his horoscope.

Why does my horoscope not work all the time?

People tend to forget that horoscopes only predict and not tell anything exactly. This means that nothing is absolute. Since making a horoscope requires the person’s exact time, date, and location of birth which are oftentimes not possible to have, a more generalized reading for people born on a certain day is made. That is why horoscopes may be accurate and perfect for one person but may not work for another.

How can horoscope be useful to a person’s life?

Horoscopes are not meant to dictate a person’s life. These should only be used as a guide on a person’s decisions.

If one wants to have a good horoscope reading, it is more effective to use a professional birth chart interpretation. Esoteric astrology is more effective than mundane since it talks about one’s true self, personality, and psychological, spiritual, and emotional essence.

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