The Year as Interpreted by Astrological Powers

The Year as Interpreted by Astrological Powers

Universal Psychic Guild is delighted to launch the newest addition to our set of reports – the Solar Return Report. The data included in this report is calculated from the Sun’s arrival at the exact position in your natal chart and its return this year, hence marking the prime events in your life from birthday to birthday. This report also gives the location of your Solar Return that determines which places are more auspicious than others.

Solar Return Report is divided into 2 parts. The first analyzes general external conditions of the year including opportunities and challenges that could occur in various zones. While the latter focuses on the interpretation of 12 astrological houses and specifies what areas in your life the astral influences will be revealed putting emphasis on probable responses and inner changes.

With this 20-page report, you will be practically guided in analyzing this year’s prospects and to learn from them using your free will. The objective is to open your mind and see the cosmic inspirations on the coming year for planetary positions at the same time of your yearly solar return

Promo for the whole month of SEPTEMBER 2017:

  • Solar Return Report
    Original price: $32.95
    Discounted price (40% off): $19.75
    Valid from Sept 1 – 30, 2017


  • Cosmo Natal
    Get this 10-15 pages of complete interpretation of one’s birth chart that does not only focus on a specific aspect in life but instead, it provides a full comprehensive analysis of an individual’s personality. This brief natal report interprets the planets in zodiac signs and its effect with each other.
  • Psyche & Eros
    Get this 15-20 pages of analysis that comprises of 4 sections, with the first two sections describing the relationship potential of each person; while the last two sections describes the compatibility of one person to another.

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