Top 10 List of Basic Fun Facts and Information About Horoscope

Horoscopes, including astrology, free horoscopes, and the daily horoscope, provide insights to people as what can and may possible happen to their day. Top List of Horoscope Fun FactsThe knowledge it gives them provides the people some form of “power” to steer clear from danger and anticipate certain events.

With the interesting help of horoscopes, it is also worth knowing the different top basic facts about it so that we will learn to appreciate it more. Here is a shortlist of the different facts and information about horoscope and astrology.

1. Astrology has been accepted by a good 1/3 of the American population. This even includes professionals and executives.

2. The Harris Poll, which was conducted in 9/13/00, reveals that about 41 percent of American adults do believe in astrology.

3. In 1996, an eight-year study revealed that there has been a 30 percent increase in Americans who believe in astrology. The study was conducted by Roper Starch.

4. Only about 17 percent of the American population believed in astrology in 1976. However, that figure jumped to 37 percent in 1998.

5. When it comes to the people using astrology and horoscope, it is women who have registered more.

6. From a survey, it has shown that Americans really do spend on astrology. They have recorded a whopping $100 million dollars each year.

7. With the advancement of technology and internet, it has been revealed that astrology and horoscope are among those at the top most searched terms online.

8. Still on the same level, astrology and horoscope can be delivered in real time, at any frequency.

9. If one searches on Altavista, a simple typing in of the words horoscope and astrology will return over 3 million results pages.

10. In the United States alone, there are 6,000 to 8,000 professional practitioners of astrology.

What do we think about when we hear the word horoscope?

The most common thing that we think about upon hearing this is plainly the zodiac signs which we use for getting information and advice on our daily living. However, the truth is that there is more about it than just that. In fact, horoscope also talks about angels and planets and their positioning.

Where did the word originate from?

  • The term originated from the Latin horoscopes. It basically means nativity, as well as the observer of the birth hour.
  • Western astrology focuses on the four primary angles in the horoscope. These are namely ascendant in the eastern point, descendant in the west, midheaven on the zenith part, and imum coeli on the nadir part.
  • Horoscope has indeed rooted itself into the society not only of American people but also of other nationalities around the world.
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