What astrology says about the nodes of the moon

For many, astrology is about the reading of one’s future. However, foretelling the future is only a tidbit of this multi-faceted art. Moon Nodes in Astrology

The most popular attribution to astrology is the horoscopes, which are interpreted to have indirect effects to the world and the lives of humans. But one less discussed and rather interesting topic in the field is about the nodes of the moon. This area delves on the meanings carried by the north and south ends of the moon when crossing the ecliptic or the sun’s path in the sky.

The nodes of the moon represent the head and the tail of a dragon, thereby called Caput Draconis and Cauda Draconis, respectively. These are directly opposite each other and have mathematical significance; they are also marked in consideration of the position of the Sun, Moon, and Earth at the time of your birth.

In astrology, the study of the nodes of the moon is essential in determining our personal karmic balance. The north node reflects the experiences you need to have and develop in order to be in a harmonious relationship with your karma. This assists in your spiritual growth. The south node, on the other hand, reflects your intrinsic experiences and characteristics, which are overdeveloped in you. The direct opposition of these two concepts is what the said lunar study achieves to balance.

These bits of information will lead to your better understanding of the nodes of the moon:

1. In Indian astrology, the north and south ends of the moon are called the Rahu and the Ketu.

2. The north node gives a strong flow of power and energy, as it is identified with the giant planet Jupiter. This node also represents joining, while the south represents separation.

3. The planets are influential to the nodes. Depending on the determined relationship, planets may become a source of fortune or goodness, or of mishandling and undoing.

4. The north node represents commitment, concentration, and dedication; the south node gives the opposite, which are indifference, distraction, and hesitation.

5. The nodes are also called ascending and descending nodes. The north node is at the points where the Moon crosses the Earth from south to north latitudes. Conversely, the south node is at the points where the Moon descends from north to south latitudes.

6. When related with life, the south node is about your formed childhood habits including those in your past life; the north node is about your unique and unfamiliar experiences. The goal in the study of these lunar nodes is to harmonise to have karmic balance. Just like other opposites like good and bad, you wouldn’t feel the importance and essence of the other without feeling its opposite.

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