Cartomancy: Playing Your Cards Right

Cartomancy: Playing Your Cards Right

One of the oldest and most common forms of psychic reading, cartomancy is similar in a number of ways to Tarot card reading. They both utilise a variety of card spreads, including single card, “Destiny Square”, and 3 cards. Cartomancy, however, uses a standard deck of playing cards—the kind many use to play card games such as poker or solitaire. Many “fortune tellers” use the ancient art of cartomancy, although its popularity has experienced a dive in favour of the now more common Tarot card reading.

Practitioners of cartomancy are more commonly referred to as “card readers” or simply “readers”. During the 18th to 20th centuries, the popularity of cartomancy utilising a standard deck of playing cards reached an all-time high, with English-speaking countries using a typical American 52-card or four-suit deck of bridge or poker playing cards and the French using a 32-card piquet deck of playing cards in addition to the typical American deck. A piquet deck is a standard deck of cards with the 2’s through the 6’s removed.

One of the most popular methods of playing-card reading is the “Wheel of Fortune”. In this method, the card reader picks cards from a deck at random and assigns importance to them based on the order in which they were selected. Interpretations vary by region, but the face cards are commonly associated with persons of certain characteristics. All cards in a deck hold meaning, though, depending on their suit and are often called by their names, such as “The Homemaker” for the Ace of Hearts and “The Saint” for the King of Hearts.

How Can Card Reading Help You?

Identify areas for improvement. A card reading can help highlight the aspects of your life in which you should be focusing on at the moment in order to achieve a better future.

Make life-changing decisions. A card reading can provide better perspective by giving you a snapshot of your present life and the direction in which it is going. With this information, you can determine if you wish to continue down the road you’re on or make a necessary change.

Gain Clarity. A card reading can bridge the gap between you and your higher self, more commonly known as your intuition. This connection encourages you to take an honest look at your life and make the necessary changes. Once clarity is achieved, it becomes easier to make responsible choices.

Find Peace. A card reading can assuage the fear of living in the uncertain and unknown. It focuses on the potential of what is happening right now. Once the present becomes crystal-clear, it’s easier to determine what path to take or if the one you’re on now is the best one.

Improve Life in General. Ultimately, this is the goal of every card reading. It will show you a snapshot of your current life so you can see what aspects you need to improve and what changes you need to make. A card reading can act as your guide to creating a better future.

Infographic: Benefits of Taking Playing Card Reading


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