Discover The Underlying Truth Behind Your Dreams

Discover The Underlying Truth Behind Your Dreams

Dreams. What do you really mean?

Many of us must have asked this question upon waking up in the morning for the nth time, as we all do experience this unexplainable behavior every time we fall into a deep sleep at night.

Dreams are a series of images, feelings, ideas and sensation that flashes into our minds while we are asleep. Oftentimes, they leave us wondering what that was all about. Why did I have this and that in my dream? Or why did I ever dream about it? Was it just a memory? Or was it something that is yet to happen?

This mystery behind one’s sleeping state is indeed very interesting and now, with the help of Universal Psychic Guild’s online dream interpretation, you can fully interpret the signs in your dreams and understand what they are trying to tell you. Not only that you will find out why you have this occurrence while sleeping, it will likewise guide you on how you can take control of your life as you face the future.

Each element that is present in your dream denotes an important message and signifies a big part in your existence. So open your mind and be enlightened as Universal Psychic Guild takes you to the reality of your dreams!

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Brief Dream Interpretation
Original price: $14.95
Discounted price (30% off): $10.50
Valid from Oct 1-31, 2017

An analysis consisting of 150-words, this will briefly but precisely provide you with the overall meaning of your dream. No more wild guesses and presumptions, this report is here to deliver an accurate explanation of the manifestations in your dreams.

Full Dream Interpretation
Original price: $34.95
Discounted price (30% off): $24.50
Valid from Oct 1-31, 2017

Certainly, your dreams are trying to tell you something and with this dream interpretation service, our experienced dream interpreters will ensure that you are getting the right message. With this 500-word analysis, you will be able to discover the detailed meaning of all the elements in your dream and find out how they are crucial to all the aspects of your life.


  • Chinese & Western Astrology:
    Where East meets West.

    In Chinese Astrology, 2017 is the year of the Rooster. This particular 10-14 paged analysis is a distinctive balance of Traditional Chinese & Western Astrology, creating 144 “new” signs. In this report, you will have descriptions of both your Eastern and Western signs, which when combined, will give you a unique sign that would further define your personality, compatibility, relationships & career traits.
  • Karmic Past Life
    This useful report explains how your past life experiences are connected to your present and future by using astrological methods. With about 9 pages of interesting facts, have your natal chart interpreted by the North and South Nodes of the Moon right now
  • Cosmo Natal
    Have a fair share of your birth chart interpretation with this 10-15 pages report. This does not only cover a specific aspect in your life but instead provides a comprehensive analysis of the person. It also serves a concise natal report that interprets the planets in the zodiac signs and how they affect each other.

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