Dream Interpretation: Animals and Object Dream Definition

Dream Analysis on Object and AnimalsDream interpretation of wild animals show troubles, fears or even misfortune. Domestic animals such as pets (like cat, dogs, rabbit and etc.) usually means good fortune while their demeanor is significant. If you have seen a wild and fierce animal in your dream, it signifies a warning, while calm animals represent happy meaning.

According to dream researchers, dreaming of animals often represents the primal side of our makeup and the dreamer’s relationship with the animal means how much control they have over the part of themselves.

The dream interpretation of animals we most dream of are:

  • Birds: It is usually a sign of prosperity and unexpected joy. Its meaning usually depends on the kind of bird such as large birds symbolize ‘freedom’ while singing birds represent ‘happiness’.
  • Cats: It symbolizes the feminine, elegant and mysterious elements of our lives. Friendly cat means you are gaining your intuitive powers. Being attack by a cat signifies a warning from an enemy pretending to be a friend. Screeching cat means beware of gossip while a purring cat promises happiness.
  • Dogs: It symbolizes your courage, loyalty and your masculine side. If you dream of a friendly dog, it denotes a coming domestic happiness while a vicious dog warns you of financial or health concerns. If you dream of a howling dog, it warns you of separation from loved ones.

  • Horses: It symbolizes of animal power, energy and strength. If you see yourself riding a beautiful horse, it denotes you will achieve much power in life while a wild horse (out of control) means a warning to curb your own passions.
  • Insects: It represents small, nagging worries or the things that bug you. They can traditionally represent relatives. Observe how you handle the insects in your dreams because that is how you handle your worries.
  • Rats: It warns you of deception especially from someone close to you. If you dream that you are killing a rat, it means ‘success’.
  • Snakes: It symbolizes betrayals and enemies. If you have seen that a snake bites you in your dream, it warns you of a quarrel with a friend and your dream will show you who your

Other common object dreams include:

  • Sexual Dreams: Its meaning depends on the emotional element. It is common to wake up sexually aroused as sexuality is a fundamental part of living. If you dream about having sex but not sexually aroused, its traditional meaning is ‘happiness’.
  • Water: Calm water denotes good times ahead while rough waters mean caution so you might reconsider your actions. Seeing you drowning in your dreams can be a warning but also indicate your need for more spiritual examination. If you see yourself bathing, it foretells of increased love in your life or spiritual rebirth. If you are drinking water, check if the water is clear as it augurs financial security and prosperity. If it’s cloudy, it denotes financial problems.
  • People: If you see people in your dreams, it can be extensions of yourself or represent external forces and may be the most complex element of your dreams that require in-depth analysis. You may see the most common people such as your parents, friends, partner, strangers, ex-lover and a baby.

You may also use online dream interpretation or perhaps a psychic to answer some of your questions about your dreams.

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