Dream Interpretation on Naked and Animals Symbols on your Dreams

Dreams come at different time and different forms. People often dream when they are asleep, but it is also a fact that people also dream with their eyes open. Some call it daydreaming and may not constitute a dream but dream nonetheless.

The dreams that we have when we are asleep are the most common ones that people have. Oftentimes, these dreams are not remembered when we wake up. Some dreams are also difficult to understand for they are made of different scenes from different situations. Whatever the dream is, people find it confusing what they could mean and the relevance that they have in their lives.

Psychicguild.com offers online dream interpretation to offer some ideas about understanding the dreams that people have. By understanding dream interpretations, people are somehow given an explanation about why such things and events come to their dreams.

Dream meanings may not be what we expect them to be, and certainly not to be interpreted literally. Most dream analysis indicates of symbolism and relates them to the real life. Some people dream of animals and they find it hard to give it interpretation. According to some dream interpreters, animals indicate a part of us attuned to nature and survival. They also sometimes represent our relationship to our parents. However, if the animal is chasing us in our dream, this may mean that we have some emotion or aggression that we have not yet let go.

There are some interpreters of dreams which suggest that we should look at the particular animal. Flying birds or bird is a good sign because it represents prosperity or a burden being lifted. This is also the same with butterflies. Cats may have both a positive or negative interpretation. They may represent an independent spirit, female sexuality, power, or creativity. On the other hand, it may also represent a misfortune in the form of someone being deceitful or unfaithful.

A cat without a tail symbolizes loosing free will. Contrary to people’s belief that a white cat is something positive, it means a difficult time may be coming into your life. When you are able to ward off an attacking cat, it may mean that you will be able to overcome a great obstacle.

For people seeing themselves naked in their dreams may be strange or unusual. According to dream interpreters, being naked means being open and exposed. It may mean having nothing to hide or being transparent, as was that of a child who has innocence. Some interpret it as having desire for sex, or wanting to be recognized.

However, when a dream shows your self naked in a workplace while your colleagues are dressed, this may be a warning to change your workplace relationships so as to avoid being defenseless in that environment.

There are different dreams that may mean a lot of things in our real life. Some of these dreams are worth taking note of for as they say, dreams are extensions of our reality. It will not hurt to heed the warnings that we get from our dreams just to be on the safe side.

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