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A British psychic named Chris Date, who claims that he can converse with the dead, was accused of setting up fictitious spirits for a ghost tour. Also known as the Knight Guider, Date organised a ghost hunt at the Halfway Hotel in Llanelli, South Wales, which was believed to be frequented by spirits.Continue

Fake psychic claims to solve a murder case

A psychic who claimed having solved the murder case of Sara Niethe was bombarded with negative feedback from the victim’s family and friends. Police records stated that Niethe went missing almost a decade ago and her ex-boyfriend Mark Pakenham, the prime suspect, did not admit killing her until seven months ago.Continue

4th Putnam Valley psychic fair features various specialists

The Psychic Friends Network (PFN) launched its “Bigger, Bolder, Better” commercial, the company’s first TV/online advertisement. A marketing and entertainment company that offers advice from psychics as well as daily and weekly horoscope readings, PFN picked a jingle spot that will not only entice its traditional telephone-oriented customers, but also the younger, mobile-oriented generation.Continue

4th Putnam Valley psychic fair features various specialists

In Keresey’s interview with the Hudson Valley Reporter, she said that she began the annual fair four years ago with the primary aim of gathering the thriving psychics in and around Putnam Valley. Keresey emphasised that the annual fair is not just for entertainment.Continue

Skeptic joins a flimsy psychic fair in Tucson

A self-proclaimed skeptic named Don Lacey attended a psychic fair in Tucson, Arizona, in September. As a member of the group called Freethought Arizona, an organisation of atheists, agnostics, and skeptics, Lacey wanted to experience an actual divination event.Continue

Psychic Today pays $19,079 for false advertisements

A substantial fine, which amounted to USD19,079, was settled by this 24-hour psychic network as its punishment for claiming on-air that their featured mediums could perform accurate and precise readings and dream interpretation for callers. The penalty was also grounded on the channel’s false advertisement of presenting anecdotal accounts of successful tarot reading, numerology sessions, and predictions.Continue

Psychic fired for failing in driver duty

An unidentified bus driver has been dismissed from work after refusing to pick up school kids in Dundee, Scotland. The driver claimed that he is a psychic and he saw a premonition that something bad would happen if he stopped driving.

Animal psychic interprets National Zoo’s baby panda’s message

Being an energy surgeon who also believes in numerology and astrology, Grace broke the three weeks of no news from the zoo by stating that she actually made a psychic connection with the panda. According to her, she did it on a Monday morning and she found out that the baby panda is fine. Based on her psychic communication with the animal, she learned that the panda has no health problems.Continue

Psychics explain pets thoughts and behaviour

Pet lovers find it amusing to know what their beloved pets think. This curiosity beckons them to find answers through a deck of pet tarot cards and books by pet psychics and animal trainers. These people who have expertise in astrology, horoscope, and dream interpretation can actually present several facts about the thoughts of pet animals.Continue

“Dead” daughter found alive

Celebrity psychic Sylvia Browne is now in hot water after telling Amanda Berry’s late mother, Louwana Miller, that her missing daughter was dead. In 2003, the missing Amanda Berry was all over the news. After almost ten years, many believed, including Browne, that she was dead. Berry, however, was found very much alive this year in Ohio.Continue

Experts recognise difference between brain and mind

Amid the never-ending debate about the relationship and difference between the brain and the mind, experts seem to support the idea that both can be scientifically explained.Continue

Linda Lauren predicts travel delays for North Americans

Travel psychic Linda Lauren says that the year will involve “a bit of a situation with planes, patience, and delays” for North American travellers. Lauren also mentions that travelling is like going into a store, where you stay or walk out off if you happen to like what you see or not. Continue

Woman helps police find a dead boy’s body through visions

Ragland denied being a psychic, but she said that she uses “sixth sense” and “intuition” in helping people facing trials in their lives. She said that she relies on these abilities that many people do not realise they possess. Continue

Steve Jobs not having a nice afterlife, psychic claims

Named as one of the top 10 psychics in New York by the website of co-pyschic Cynthia Becker, Reverend Betsy Cohen was not one to shy away from a challenge. She sat down with Vice magazine’s Motherboard tech site and attempted, in front of the staff, to get in touch with the deceased Apple co-founder.Continue

Cindy Uwanawich arrested for grand theft

Uwanawich operated “The Psychic Door” in Crestline and “The San Bernadino Psychic,” which are both in California. From these unregistered businesses, she was able to dupe a total of eight people and embezzle more than $238,000. The psychic got arrested on January 18, 2013, but apparently, she was able to pay her $50,000 bail before getting charged.Continue

British documentary claims Uri Geller a CIA spy

Directed by Vikram Jayanti, the documentary included interviews with Geller’s supporters, such as Former CIA officer Kit Green, Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, and retired US army colonel John Alexander. It must be noted that Mitchell has conducted several military paranormal studies, which were detailed in the 2009 film The Men Who State at Goats.Continue

British psychic wins $193 lawsuit against Daily Mail

Psychic Sally, her stage name, sued the Daily Mail for publishing an allegation about her in September 2011, purporting that the personality used a hidden earpiece to show the audience of her Dublin performance that she could converse with the dead. Paul Zenon, the writer of the article, sourced the allegation from two women who thought they heard two crew members instructing Mrs. Morgan from the backstage.Continue

British psychic TV channel fined for prankish ploy

Disclaimers are important on television to warn viewers of possible danger or unscrupulous intent, but when such caveat is not given when due, a sizable fine could really teach a lesson. A British TV channel set up to offer dial-up psychic services has been fined for not telling viewers it’s all “for entertainment purposes only.”Continue

California man claims having psychic connection with a boomerang-shaped UFO

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) had its share of eccentric and mind-baffling UFO pictures throughout the years—even though a handful of those pictures can be considered fake. It happened that an unnamed California couple photographed and videotaped a UFO that has appeared high above their home in Burbank.Continue

How Virginia Bell learned to forgive through a simple psychic reading

It all started when Virginia Bell met a psychic named Irwin. According to Ms. Bell, Irwin is not a classy psychic like Vincent Ragone, or a tarot reader with an apartment filled with psychic paraphernalia. He was a different and, perhaps, rare breed.Continue

Modern pet owners now turning to psychics to learn more about their pets

One day, Andrea Gladstone and David Radis of Encino, California, have decided to learn more about the thoughts on their rescue dog’s head. This curiosity has pushed them to buy, “The Original Dog Tarot: Divine The Canine Mind.” This is a set of 30 cards and guidebook developed by Heidi Schulman, a freelance writer and former television news producer.Continue

Pig, ferret, and elephant join psychic sports reading bandwagon for Euro 2012

Exactly two years after Paul the Octopus has become popular for his eight consecutive correct predictions on the World Cup wins in South Africa, many aspirants to the throne appeared in Poland and Ukraine, the co-hosts for the European Championship.Continue

German aquarium conducts search for the new psychic octopus

Paul amazed many people, especially football fans, when he correctly predicted the outcome of Germany’s matches in the 2010 World Cup. To choose the next psychic incarnation of Paul, Germany’s eight large aquariums will have one of its octopuses predict the result of a competition by picking a mussel from one of the two containers depicting rival teams. The mussel eaten by the octopus will represent the winning team in the reading.Continue

Psychic Sally Morgan defends her ‘powers’ with a £150,000 lawsuit

The Mail’s article, written by magician and former psychic Paul Zenon, has impacted Ms. Morgan’s reputation to some extent. After the article was published and the allegations made it to front-page news, UK peer organizations offered Ms. Morgan $1,000,000 and the chance to remove the stain in her psychic reputation by simply proving that her mystical powers were real. Sally Morgan, however, declined the offer.Continue

Psychic Spies Operate in the Free World

Psychics and hundreds of their followers still remember the time when Stanford Research Institute (SRI) has taken over the management of Allen Telescope Array. The main purpose of the telescope is to help scientists locate and study extraterrestrials. The psychic community believes that studying extraterrestrial (ET) life can give the world a clear understanding about the immaterial realm.Continue

Psychic fraudster Peaches Stevens scammed $136,000 from a Florida woman

The victim, finally out of Stevens’s spellbinding words, has stated that there were signs that the psychic is not on the legitimate scale. According to Priti Mahalanobis, Stevens told her to stuff 11 $100 bills and 11 names of relatives on a piece of paper, to be put inside an envelope. Afterwards, Stevens told her that the envelope should be placed under the bed with a grapefruit. The purpose is to quell the evil spirit that has been haunting Mahalanobis’s family.Continue

Tests from skeptics prove psychics as flawed

Skeptics from various parts of the world are pushing for more tests that will determine the authenticity of psychics. This might put the art of modern-day scrying on the verge of increased controversy, but psychics are still certain that they can push through.Continue

Psychic community shows explicit criticism against fraudsters and con artists

In line with certain events of fraud and cons in the global psychic community, thousands of psychics from different nations have started awareness campaigns. The goal of these campaigns is to ensure that no more people will fall for con artists and their mental reading schemes that have no factual basis.Continue

Psychic offers helping hand in crime-solving after years of secrecy

Modern-day scrying has entered a new paradigm since the introduction of new methods from psychics from different parts of the world. With these methods, professional psychics have involved themselves in crime-solving and have many clients waiting in line.Continue

Psychics explore New Age theories and their implications in daily lives

One of the theories that were subjected to heavy critique and exploration is the “field of consciousness.” The theory states that humans and all other living beings are connected in a giant field of energy that materializes in the quantum level. Months ago, the scientific community regarded the premise of giant energy field as pseudoscience. Scientists have also studied the claim that consciousness contributes to the betterment of a person’s health and well-being.Continue

Tips for choosing the right psychic advisor

A psychic advisor, like a doctor, is someone an individual can openly consult with on a frequent basis. This expert in their fields can provide insights on the life of the querent, including the implications of his or her feelings and the meanings of his or her experiences. However, because the skill of such experts cannot be easily verified, it is advisable to take note of the following tips in hiring the most suitable candidate:Continue

4 ways to confirming your inner psychic

Inspired by movies like Séance and Chronicle, more and more people are becoming obsessed with the idea of having psychic abilities. Though the possession of such ability is still scientifically unverified, there are said to be ways for determining if one is endowed with psychic powers. People who have a gut feel about a sleeping psychic inside them might want to verify it with the following:Continue

New generation of psychic animals comes forth

Following the October 2010 death of Paul the Octupus, the renowned cephalopod psychic which predicted international football game results, more animals are being presented for possessing the same skill. The new breed of psychics, all being put forward to the lime light by their owners, include a pig in Kiev, an elephant in Krakow, and a ferret in Kharkiv.Continue

University of Missouri: No exams on Wiccan and Pagan holidays

Following the University of Missouri’s inclusion of Pagan and Wiccan holidays to its yearly calendar, professors have been advised against scheduling exams on the days that the eight newly added holidays would fall. Called Guide to Religions: Major Holidays and Suggested Accommodations, the university’s holiday list gives recognized Pagan and Wiccan observances the same treatment as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Hanukkah. During such dates, students no longer need to cram for exams. Continue

Wiccans stereotyped by Fox News and Friends

According to the University, they have already included the Wiccan and Pagan holidays in their calendar last fall and it is intended for everyone in the campus. This could have been a likely angle for the editorial, but Fox News & Friends anchors took a different angle, which was about their personal view of those practicing wicca.Continue

World’s Greatest Psychic winner speaks up about unawarded prize money

Field had received the award last December 2012 from a panel of judges that included spoon-bender Uri Geller. The World’s Greatest Psychic had beaten 70,000 other psychics in 38 different challenges that spanned over six months.Continue

Psychic Services Useful for Adelaide Homeowners

The services of these psychics are often requested especially by families that have just moved in to their new house and have started to feel that something is just not right. For example, children tell their parents that they see a woman in their room, or that they feel they are being watched, or that it gets cold in certain parts of the house.Continue

Edgar Allan Poe to be Attempted to Reach this Month by Psychics

Every single literary enthusiast knows about Edgar Allan Poe. He is considered to be a literary giant who carved his name in history by making stories for all ages such as the Cask of Amontillado and The Raven. In 1849, Edgar Allan Poe made Baltimore his permanent home. Continue

Lost Dog Found by Psychic

Psychics are not only helping locate missing people today. They are also trying to help find animals. In this case, a psychic is specifically trying to locate the missing Vader, a two-year old Hungarian Shepherd, of the Montgomery County Canine unit that has been missing for three days already.Continue

US$50,000 to be Refunded by Psychics to Woman Victim

From this case, the two psychics will have to return a total of $50,702.94 in cash, gift cards and other merchandise to the woman that they have scammed. They told the woman that they will vanquish the evil spirits. Despite agreeing to the settlement, both women have not admitted to the any form of liability.Continue

Another Psychic Scams Woman for $10,000

April Stevens of Harahan, La. promised her victim that she would return the money after the purification process was done. The poor victim did everything to raise the funds and then handed it over to the psychic. Continue

Psychic Readings on Your Favorite Celebs

Psychics Ophira Edut and “Astrotwin” sister Tali make their psychic readings on Beyonce, LeAnn Rimes, Stevie Wonder, Rhianna, George Clooney, Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, and other celebrities. What do they have to say about your favorites? Here are some excerpts. Continue

Psychic Scammers Busted by Law Enforcement

Believing that too many fake psychics are stripping people off their money and properties, Bob Nygaard, a Manhattan private eye and law enforcement pro for already thirty years, devotes himself to helping put a stop to these schemes. When he hears of people coming to the police for help after having been duped by fraudulent psychics, he offers his help. Continue

Psychic Finds Body of Missing Person

Lynn Ann Maker, an Iowa psychic, was contacted online by the family of Greg Wallace after he disappeared several days ago. She is a 33-year-old medium, palm reader, and psychic detective. She specializes in the investigation of missing and murdered persons.Continue

Murder Case Solved By Psychic

Jan Helen McGee helped the police locate a murder suspect whom she said was in a beach in Ocean City, Md. or in Rehoboth Beach, Del. And when the police, led by Detective Paul Zechman, went to the pinpointed place, they saw the killer, Robert Wise, living in Arnold’s stolen car at a shopping mall.Continue

Some of the Hottest Psychic News Today

With the desire to find him, the family of Truman Tollefson, 87, has come to seek the help of a psychic. In another news, a psychic center was robbed last February 5 and the Palm Beach County deputies are out for a man who robbed the said psychic center in Delray Beach.Continue

Lim Victory Predicted by Psychic

With the local elections in the Philippines happening in the next 3 months, a psychic, Danny Atienza, predicts that incumbent Mayor of Manila, Alfredo Lim, will retain his post as mayor after the election. During his fearless forecast in a media forum held at the Club Filipino in San Juan City, the psychic says that Lim has a 99 percent chance of being reelected as mayor of the City of Manila.Continue

Two Teens Missing from Road Trip

Two teens, Jake Ziegler, 18, and Ray Pierce, 17, have been missing since October 12 last year and no leads have surfaced until now. The two disappeared from their impromptu road trip. Perhaps, a psychic is what they need to find them or learn where they are.Continue

Hollywood Psychics Expected to Receive Higher Call Volumes Relevant to Valentine’s Day

With just a few days more to go, Valentine’s Day will be here and the Hollywood psychics are expecting to receive a higher volume of calls. The increase is seen to be about 10 percent from the usual number of calls.Continue

An Otter Predicts Winner of 2013 Super Bowl

As to how the prediction was made, Emma’s aquarium was thrown two buckets by her trainer. Then using her favorite toy, a mini football, Emma threw the ball into the bucket which was labeled with the name of the 49ers. Meanwhile, a rival of Emma named Molly, a rescue Labrador, predicted the Baltimore Ravens as the winner. This was backed up by a group of puppies who also predicted the same.Continue

Psychic Now Predicts Baby’s Gender of Kim Kardashian

Back in October, a UK psychic for the celebrities made a prediction that a star will become pregnant. True indeed, actress and reality show star Kim Kardashian is pregnant with partner Kanye West’s baby. Continue

Over $200,000 Scammed From Elderly Women by Fake Psychics

With over $200,000 worth of cash and jewelry scammed out of elderly women in Toronto, Canada, the police are out searching for three Asian women aged between 30 and 60. They are said to have been claiming that they are psychics and that they can bless valuables and money.Continue

No Assault Charges May Be Pressed Against Lohan

Several months ago, Lohan was reported to have punched a psychic at a bar in New York when she approached Lohan. The psychic identified as Tiffany Mitchell came to her and offered her a psychic reading. When Lohan told her to stay away and she refused, Lohan punched her.Continue

The Future Revealed at Psychic Fair?

What better way to reveal what the future has in store for us than through a psychic fair? Currently being held at Nimbin Town Hall, spirituality practitioners, along with psychics, astrologers, feng shui practitioners, and palm readers, come together for days of “magical, mystical, loving, altruistic, spiritual fair.” This is according to the co-organizer, Jazmin Theadora.Continue

Your Sixth Sense May be Growing

Time and again, experiments that try to prove the theory of man’s “sixth sense” have been proven successful. The “sixth sense” is said to make people become capable of premonition, out-of-body experiences and telepathy.Continue

Drew Barrymore Thinks of Herself as a Psychic

With the launching of Hollywood star Drew Barrymore’s beauty brand Flower, she says she was inspired by the things she has used in the past. She also says that she is a hoarder or a psychic person. By saying so, she meant that having kept all those things she had in the past.Continue

Psychic Show Leads to Flood of Calls

Closure to the family of Olive Walker in relation to her murder is hoped by the Rotorua Police. This is after a flood of calls has come in after a psychic TV show featured the story. On TV2’s Sensing Murder, which aired on Tuesday night, a historic murder investigation was highlighted and a description of the man who murdered Olive Walker in 1970 was given by an Australian mediumContinue

Police And Crime Commissioner Election Includes a Spiritualist

A member of the Stourbridge Spiritualist Church for over 13 years, Mark Rumble, who was born and bred in West Midlands joined the police force in 1974 as a cadet. He became a constable in 1976 and later became a CID detective.Continue

10-year-old girl’s Missing Body Positively Identified

Jessica Ridgeway, the 10-year-old Colorado girl who had been reported missing and whose body had been found, has been positively identified. According to Westminster Police Chief Lee Birk, there is a predator that roams around freely in their community. Continue

Over 500 Arrested in China For Mayan Apocalypse Rumors

In China, a certain Christian cult called, “Almighty God”, has been spreading rumors and doomsday prophecies. About 500 members have been arrested by the Chinese police as the country considers it a serious business. After the arrest, the police also located leaflets, DVDs, books, and other materials that talk about the said doomsday. Continue

Pet Psychic Reader in Australia Communicates with Animals

According to de Warren, it only takes a few seconds to connect with these dogs whenever she is open. She then relates it to the owners and then communicates to the dogs what the owners have to say.Continue

Latest Psychic News : Long Island Medium and Sex Psychic

Theresa Caputo, a psychic herself, has decided to see another psychic for her personal reading on the latest episode of Long Island Medium. Meanwhile, in separate news, a “sex psychic” is said to be able to tell you of your past life.

Psychic Sued for Giving False Info on Massacre

It may be recalled that a psychic handed in a tip about a massacre in a Texas ranch sometime in 2011. With the tip proving wrong and untrue, the owner of the said Texas ranch is suing.Continue

Lohan To Hire Investigator To Dig Up Info on Psychic

Now, it is reported by TMZ that the actress is hiring a private investigator to gather as much information on the psychic before she goes to court. She wants to know if Mitchell has ever done this before and if she has any criminal record. Lohan is confident that the woman just wanted to get a quick buck from her.Continue

Lindsay Lohan’s Victim is a Psychic

The victim, Tiffany Ava Mitchell, is from Palm Beach Florida and had moved to New York to operate her Ava’s Psychic Visions. She has been having premonitions since she was only 10 years old. As a psychic, she specializes in tarot, palm reading, and psychic readings.Continue

Madeleine McCann’s Grave site has Been Found

The body of the missing British Girl, Madeleine McCann, has been found, according to a South African real estate developer, Stephen Birch. According to the self-style investigator, he used a ground penetrating radar device in order to locate Madeleine McCann.Continue

Get to Know the Aura Colors

It may not be new for you to hear of the word AURA. The aura is composed of lines of colors that surround a person. And each of the colors has a distinct meaning. Remember that aura changes every now and then.Continue

Fundraiser for Ottawa Humane Society Hosted by Psychic Mediums

Two psychic mediums from Ottawa are sponsoring a fundraiser for the Ottawa Humane Society. They will do it by making readings and passing messages from spirits to seekers on Saturday in Hintonburg.Continue

Holiday Destination Guide Using the Zodiac Signs

Did you ever think that astrology, specifically your zodiac signs, can be used to guide you in choosing your holiday destination? If you are on the planning stage of making that holiday, these tips might help you.Continue

Texas Grave, A Wrong Tip from Psychic

A tip was received by the police of Liberty County in Texas that a mass grave is situated outside of a rural house where dozens of bodies of children are buried. However, as the biggest police investigation in the history of this place came to the pinpointed area, something went wrong. The tip given by a person claiming to be a psychic was a mistake. Continue

Strongsville Weekend Activities that Includes a Psychic Fair

Just two weeks short of Thanksgiving, the Christmas tree and other Christmas decorations have already been put in Starbucks and Target. According to the coffee shop, several customers have complained that the cups have been put out so early. However, this should not be a problem at all because there is nothing wrong with feeling the Holidays sooner than it seems. Continue

Obama Wins; As Predicted by Psychic Nikki

On the Dean Blundell Show every Friday morning, Nikki appears with her psychic predictions. But today, we have her forecast on the coming US Presidential elections between re-electionist Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney. Continue

Halloween Challenge Test Run By Goldsmiths University Failed by Psychics

According to a university statement released on Wednesday, explaining how the study worked, an experiment was conducted which was agreed upon by both mediums as a fair and unbiased test of their abilities. It had put the 2 volunteer psychics before five female sitters, who were required to remain silent and hidden behind a screen. Continue

Helping People Is Georgia Tarot Reader’s Happiness

Sky Mapps is anyone’s friendly neighbor. Though she does not really claim to be a psychic or anyone with psychic abilities, she says she enjoys reading the tarot for people. She further says that the interaction she has with those who come to her give her enjoyment and happiness. Continue

Pet Psychic Converses with a Horse

Schaller, who claims she talks to animals and serves as the bridge between them and humans, arrived with her dogs at the place where the corralled mule stays. The horse, Tzar, is a 6-year-old half-Russian, half-Arabian and half-quarter horse. Continue

Natural Medium Larry Taylor Passes Away

Taylor, 81 years old, was the former president of London’s Premier Spiritualist church. He was lying in the hospital and was surrounded by family and friends when he peacefully passed away on October 5.Continue

Psychic Sought to Find Missing Cat

When Mrs. Glenys Jones and her husband, Howard, had adopted a three-legged ginger Persian some 10 years ago, the cat became so attached to them that it practically was already considered a member of the family. And when Toby, the cat, went missing from the couple’s Tripoli Court home, they became so desperate to find himContinue

Einstein’s Laws May Prove the Existence of Ghosts

Despite efforts combined by all enthusiasts, there still seems to be no solid evidence of their existence. Though TV programs and shows cater to publicizing ghost stories, it still remains difficult to convince people.Continue

Psychic Pets of Germany Raise Concerns from Animal Rights Activists

The use of the psychic animals has reached the point that every station had one psychic animal to predict the winner of the matches. However, Stephen Evans of BBC News is quick to note that the animal rights activist group seemed to have just ignored an internet radio station which is also using a psychic animal, a python named Ado.Continue

Some of the Hottest Psychic Stories Today

Today, you may rely not only in the news when it comes to the weather because your very own pet, yes your pet, can be your source of weather forecast. According to two-thirds of American pet owners, their pets are psychics.Continue

‘Maddie is Dead': Says Psychic Derek Acorah

A psychic has some news about the little girl who suddenly disappeared. Madeleine McCann is dead according to Derek Acorah who is a TV psychic. This is after a messenger from the spirit world had told him the news.Continue

$40 Million Worth of Money and Properties Scammed by Psychic Family

A Florida family of psychics has been found to have scammed around $40 million from their unsuspecting victims for over two decades. About 10 people from New York and Fort Lauderdale have been found guilty and are charged with 61 counts of conspiracy. Other charges include wire fraud, mail fraud, and money laundering. Each of these people is sentenced to a maximum of 20 years in prison. Continue

Psychic Tips Information; Police Search Fruitless

However, in this case, the opposite happened. A person who claims to be a psychic has tipped the police as to the whereabouts of several bodies that were victims of a homicide. However, as they searched a farm house in a rural Texas neighborhood, their search proved futile as no single body or evidence of a homicide had been found. Continue

Several Psychic News Today

Psychics can already have a lot of power or influence on people today regardless of their age. If they use their psychic persuasive powers, numerology and astrology readings for the wrong reason and person, they can easily get away with it especially if the prey is a young kid. Continue

Previous Psychic Was A Fraud! Claims Psychic Shop Owner

This is the post that you will see when you drive down SW Fourth Avenue in Fort Lauderdale and reach a psychic shop. Dewey Evans, owner of the psychic shop, says the lady psychic who previously occupied the shop was doing fraud and that is the reason they posted the sign. Continue

Lawyer Defends Psychic-Client Services

Another psychic, Paula Lee, has been accused and charged for swindling five of her clients amounting to a total of $324,650 in Morris County. However, her lawyer is quick to defend her that his client did not actually swindle her clients. What happened was that the clients did not think the psychic’s services were worth the price. Continue

TV Psychic Graham Bishop Pleads Not Guilty; Sent to Psychiatric Hospital

It may be recalled that a TV psychic named Graham Bishop had graced the covers of newspapers when the story broke out that he stabbed his twin daughters. He appeared in court yesterday for his arraignment; however, he pleaded not guilty to the crime. Continue

Curses and Spells are they Real?

You may all be familiar with curses. And we most commonly hear about this word when we see psychics. And there is also quite a number of psychics who would say that a person who has ill-feelings about you has cast a spell and you. Continue

5 Things You Need To Do When Psychic Scams Hits You

Are you fond of getting psychic readings? Do you make sure your psychic is legitimate and honest before you engage her services? Do be careful as you might be scammed by your psychic.Continue

Pervert Psychic Convicted; Faces Two Years in Prison

It may recalled that months ago, a psychic by the name of Karl Lang was sued for convincing two young women to strip naked in front of him during his psychic readings in the aim of getting more sound psychic readings.Continue

TV Psychic Graham Bishop Faces Attempted Murder Suit

A psychic with the name Graham Bishop currently faces an attempted murder suit after he tried to kill his twin daughters who are only 4 years old. He also stabbed himself after that in a hospital in Denmark.Continue

The Case of the Psychic Nurse

No arrest has been made even a year after a nurse from Colorado Springs and Memorial Hospital had been publicly accused by hospital officials for being a self-proclaimed psychic nurse who allegedly accessed patient records illegally.Continue

For Rent: Property of Hingham Fraud Psychic

Anyone interested to rent the property of the two psychics who have been arrested due to alleged scamming of customers is welcome. Located on Whiting Street, the “Crystal’s Spiritual Reader” building is now empty and has lost its signboard outside, making it available for lease. Continue

Psychic Hired to Help Couple Find Their Missing Son

Their son has been missing for over a month already. And with the investigation seeming to go nowhere, they have finally sought a psychic from Britain who has sent them a sketch of five men believed to be linked to their son’s whereabouts. Continue

Flight 93 Crash Site Had Angels, Says Former FBI Employee

When Lillie Leonardi, a former NBI employee, was sent to the crash site of Flight 193 on September 11, 2001, she claims she had seen angels watching after the site. That flight was hijacked by four Al-Qaeda terrorists while it was bound for San Francisco to New Jersey.Continue

Psychic Classes Among Kids Said to Strengthen Intuition

The word “psychic” has become very vague to most of us today. And the most common visions we have when we hear the word are children gathering around a crystal ball, wearing some cloth on their heads, or them talking to imaginary friends, monsters, or ghosts. However, this is not what actually happens in this psychic class with kids.Continue

Animal Rights Group in Germany Gets More Concerned over Psychic Animals

Lately, there have been many psychic animals that have been put in the limelight. Beginning with Paul the Octopus, there have been more and more animals that are used to predict the football team that will win in world games.Continue

More Psychics are Offering Help to Find Missing Iowa Girls

The two girls were under the babysitting of their grandmother when they disappeared on July 13. They were riding their bikes in Evansdale with their grandmother, Wylma Cook. After sessions of extensive searches, the efforts of police and investigators have been proven futile.Continue

Psychic Convention Attracts Attendees

Psychic Week has already been celebrated. It was held in the Sun Coast Hotel in Durban last weekend wherein thousands of believers in astrology and numerology, as well as psychics, came to join in the celebration.Continue

Drew Barrymore Astrology Profile Featured

We all love our Hollywood actors and actresses. We feel some kind of affiliation to them that we seem to want to know more about their personalities and private lives. Most of all, we also want to know their astrology especially that we believe in the stars. Continue

Psychic Partnership Splits, Battle for Believers

The once-partners in psychic readings are now splitting. The wonder is why they were not able to foresee this kind of thing to happen. And now that each is going her own way, they are both fighting for their believersContinue

Psychic Pig Feeding Time Disrupted by Topless Feminine

The psychic pig is supposed to tell who is going to win the Euro 2012 finals. Each day, the pig gets fed with 2 bows, each representing the flag of the two teams playing against each other in the games. Watchers await which bowl he will eat from first, and the country represented by this bowl will win.Continue

Animal Psychics on the Roll

After 2 years of psychic Paul the Octopus becoming a household name, correctly predicting eight matches at the World Cup in South Africa, several animal psychics-to-be have come out of the woodwork in Poland and Ukraine, the co-hosts for the European Championship.Continue

Latest Psychic Stories of Today

According to the American Association of Psychics founder, Rosemary the Celtic Lady well-being has also become a top topic of travel amongst people and their psychics. Meanwhile, a psychic, who is also a TV medium, claims that Kate and Gerry McCann’s daughter, Madeleine, is already dead. Continue

A Psychic Pig Takes Limelight as it Predicts World Cup

Ever since Paul the Octopus had correctly predicted who would win in the 2010 World Cup, many other animals whose owners and keepers claim are psychics have come into the open. Continue

A Draw in the Euro 2012 not Good for Psychic Llama

Recently, a new psychic llama appeared in the news by the name of Nicholas who has predicted that England will win the Euro 2012. His predictions were made by knocking off balls that stood on sticks that represented each of the teams.Continue

Llama Predicts England Will Win 2012 Euro Championship

After having successfully guessed last month that Chelsea will win over Liverpool in the FA Cup Final, Nicholas the llama is now predicting that England will win the Euro 2012 championship.Continue

Psychic Arrested for Pressuring Women into Nudity To Increase Psychic Powers

Such is what happened to two women who are both still in their 20’s who came to a psychic, Karl Lang of Wales who is aged 49 years. According to accounts, the two women, who came on separate instances, were pressured by Lang to expose themselves to him in order for him to be more connected to the spirit world.Continue

Officer Suspended for Allegedly Releasing Information to Psychic

According to newspaper reports, a threat was received about a planned assassination of Prime Minister, John Howard. For this, a senior officer consulted a clairvoyant in Cooma in Southern New South Wales, causing his suspension.Continue

False Predictions May Land Fortune Tellers in Jail

Fortune telling seems to be a lucrative job for many. And though there are many who claim to have the gift to tell in advance what may happen to people, there are also those who just make false predictions for the sake of money or fame. Continue

Century-old Sorcery Laws Challenged by Malawi Witches

Kanthukako Supaunyolo, an 82-year-old grandmother, has been charged with a criminal complaint of witchcraft by her grandchild’s parents. The century-old sorcery law is now being targeted with comments by both believers and nonbelievers. This was after her grandson woke up in the middle of the night with a nosebleed. The parents think that this was a bad omen and that it was a product of sorcery. Continue

Steve Irwin Contacted by Psychic

This psychic medium, John Edward, who stars in his TV show Crossing Over will appear at the Sunshine Coast Zoo’s Crocoseum on January 5. Mrs. Irwin claims the psychic has long been friends with her late husband. Continue

Fraudulent Psychics Being Searched Police

According to accounts, the group is composed of two men and two women who have been advertising their psychic reading services. A woman called “Nina” has been doing the advertising in local newspapers. Continue

Aboriginal Elder Follows Gut Feeling, Finds Body Part

It was on a creek bank at Nurragingy Reserve where Cheryl Carroll-Lagerway found the body part. This is situated in the suburb of Doonside on Wednesday night. According to Lagerway, she has some psychic powers and that she was expecting she would find the missing Keisha.Continue

Pig is New Psychic to Predict World Cup Matches

Psychics and their jobs are no longer limited to human beings. It may be recalled that several animals have already exhibited skills in foretelling events. There was a gorilla; and who would ever forget Paul the Octopus? He was the first one to make predictions and particularly predicted the 2010 World Cup championship between Ukraine and Poland.Continue

Hitler is Dead, says Psychic Derek Acorah

Everyone is familiar with Hitler as he had been a prominent figure during the World War I. And after news came out that he passed away, it was believed that his soul could either be roaming the earth still or could also have moved to the next world.Continue

Ruling on Psychic Positive for Police Worker

Alan Power is 62 years old and is from Merseyside and used to work for the Greater Manchester Police. And just recently, he won in a court ruling that says his views should be considered as faith.Continue

Psychics in LA not Required to Get a License

Good news for fortune tellers and psychics of Los Angeles! They, including those who practice numerology and astrology, horoscope, and tarot, will not be asked by the government for unwanted regulation.Continue

Psychic News, Risen from the Dead

Rising from the dead is not only applicable to people. It is, as well, applicable to things including books, newspapers, and magazines. And the latest story of the rising is about a newspaper that has come back to circulation after it was closed down.Continue

Kim Kardashian Contacts Deceased Father with Help of Psychic

Kim Kardashian, accompanied by her sister Kourtney, went to visit a psychic to ask some questions. The psychic was John Edward. In the course of the reading, Edward asked Kim, on behalf of her deceased father, if there was anything she learned from her first marriage.Continue

Psychic Detective Provide Leads in Missing Man in Louisiana

A Louisiana man has been missing for over two years already and police efforts in locating have been futile. Guidroz has much faith in psychic as once before, he worked for an investigation and a psychic’s tip proved helpful to breaking the case. Continue

Psychic News : Ghost Sightings Increases

According to spooked pub-goers from Apsley House in Southsea, Hants, Nova Scotia, Canada, they claim that they have been able to photograph the spirit which they say has been haunting their local ale-house for years. Continue

Psychic Makes an Accurate Prediction on Missing Person Case

One news story that may attempt to change the minds of the skeptics is the one involving a psychic correctly telling the exact place where the missing body of a 24-year-old girl was to be found. The victim, Melissa Barthelemy, of Buffalo, disappeared on July 12, 2009 when she moved to The Bronx. Continue

Psychic Sought by Author To Solve Murder for Book

A psychic has been sought by author T.A. Powell in order to help her finish writing her book on the unsolved murder of a 45-year-old federal agent from South Georgia, Charles Gordon Covington, in Valdosta on October 1966. Continue

Steve Jobs Contacted by Psychic in the After Life

Who does not know Steve Jobs today? His name recently made it to the doodles of Google when he died some months back. He is the father and brain of all Apple products and gadgets that we are enjoying today. Continue

Mysterious Death of Girl To be Investigated by British Psychic

Several years ago, news came out about the death of an Australian girl. To aid in the investigation, Diane Lazarus, a British psychic, comes to investigate.Continue

Clairvoyant Battles in A UK Home Inhabited by Spirits

Marie Williams, owner of a Victorian Home in Toward Road, firmly believes that spirits are inhabiting her house and are causing the trashing of her rooms, scratching on her neck, and opening and closing of her curtains.Continue

Australian TV Psychic Detective Helps in Search

A psychic who appears in the TV hit, “Sensing Murder”, has been called in to help in the search for the missing Mrs. Iveta Mitchell. According to the psychic detective, she firmly believes that Mrs. Mitchell was murdered and met a nasty end.Continue

Psychics Of Radio and Facebook and Fortune Telling Family on Trial

Public Spirited, psychics and astrology site, has a radio show which is aired in the Hudson valley area of the US. While South Florida and New York fortune-telling family, the Marks family is set to mount a defense on freedom of religion and speech.Continue

Psychic News : Controversy Shakes up British Psychic

Sally Morgan, the “star psychic” has been very popular for being the psychic of the stars like Princess Diana. Now, she is also as popular as she is being entangled in a controversy of allegedly having helpers back stage in her recent show.Continue

Psychic Sought by Family of Murdered Student

With just a few leads and no arrests as to the murder of a Norfolk Virginia student, the family of Christopher Cummings is seeking the help of a psychic to shed some light on the case. Cummings was shot dead in their house on 42nd Street. His friend, on the other hand, was wounded from the incident.Continue

How is a 2 Member Team of a Psychic and a Detective Work?

It is not all the time that we get to know of a 2-member team composed of a psychic and a detective to investigate crimes. Though there are already accounts of detectives and the police coming to psychics for help in their investigations, their usual relationship ends after one case has been solved. But not the team up of psychic Amy Allen who sees dead people and cop Di Schiavi of New York City.Continue

Clairvoyant Helps Swedish Police in Search

The old man was last seen at the end of last year somewhere in Torsby, Western Sweden. From that time on, the police had been conducting several search and rescue operations that even included helicopters and search parties.Continue

Psychic News : Delving Into The Life of A Psychic

Known in England as Pam from England or The Dream Catcher, Pam McCagh is a psychic who works alternately in England and Australia, particularly in radio, television, and charity, with the aim of helping people connect with their loved ones.Continue

Deborah Handlon Gives Psychic Readings Through Phone Over Radio Program

Many might raise their eyebrows at reading this news but before they do that, it may be helpful to realize that there have already been a number of people who have witnessed and experienced this supernatural phenomenon.Continue

Question as to Whether Psychic Accurately Predicted the Remains of Vinny Derrick

There have been many instances when psychics have contributed their skills into the resolution of criminal cases. There are those that the victims’ bodies are no longer found and investigation reveals no lead. In such cases, the families of the victims, as well as the authorities, already come to a psychic for some reading.Continue

Psychics Provide Leads to Finding Baby Ayla

Psychics are not just good for giving one advices on life issues including love, relationships, family and career, or in numerology, astrology, and horoscopes. They are also good and useful in other things, even in locating missing persons.Continue

Psychic News : Is there A Reason To Be Afraid This 2012?

December 21, 2012. Does this date ring a bell? News has it that this is the date of the world’s doom. Will be all be wiped out from this planet in less than a year from now? Is there a reason to panic and be afraid?Continue

Albert Einstein Work and Ghost Existence Link Revealed

It is not new to people to see and know of ghost hunters setting out at night armed with their flashlights, backpacks, cameras, and electronic equipment that they believe can capture sightings of the paranormal. However, even up to today, there is still no good proof that ghosts do exist.Continue

Psychic News : 2011 Year for the world of Psychics and Astrology

The report on ESP entitled, “The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology” which was supposed to be published in the later months in the previous year and authored by Daryl J. Bem, had inflamed a debate on the standard technique used to analyze data in much of social science and medicine.Continue

Psychic News : Public Spirited Goes On Air!

Public Spirited already has a newspaper that tackles stories about the aforementioned categories. And now, in its aim to even provide more psychic services to its clientele, it has recently launched its newest radio show. The said radio program airs from the Hudson Valley are of the US.Continue

Bits of Psychic News from Kurt Cobain to Zodiac Signs

Yes, Kurt Cobain, the former vocalist of Nirvana, passed away several years ago. So how come he received his award at the O Music Awards? However, people who are born under the Sagittarius sign need to learn how to have fun. They should not be burying themselves in work too much but instead, learn to relax and loosen up. Continue

SNU Minister Margaret Preece Resigns from her Position

One of the ordained ministers of the Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU), Margaret Preece, has tendered her resignation. She was ordained in 2008. This move proves to be not so pleasing news for the upper echelons of the organization. She had been an advocate of spirituality. Continue

Another Fortune Teller is Scheduled To Be In Court

A fortune teller in Queens, Ying Liu, is scheduled to be in court for violating law against the illegal operation of fortune tellers in New York. Fortune tellers are defined as anyone who ”claims or pretends to tell fortunes, or holds himself out as being able, by claimed or pretended use of occult powers, to answer questions or give advice on personal matters or to exorcise, influence or affect evil spirits or curses.” Continue

Some New Unconventional TV Detectives for You

Latest is a series with Patrick Jane played by Simon Baker. He is an independent consultant to the California Bureau of Investigation. He also happens to be “The Mentalist” but is not actually a servant of the law. Furthermore, he also does not have any legal paranormal abilities. But through a combination of his faux psychic medium skills and his being a con man in the past, he has led to the resolution of many crimes. Continue

Psychic Woman Uses Asparagus in Her Readings

However, this psychic is quite different from most other people of her kind. Instead of using the traditional tarot for divination, she uses asparagus to make readings. Jemima Packington is the world’s only “asparamancer”. When she makes readings, she brings along her a bundle of asparagus and throws them into the air. Continue

Britain’s best-loved Psychic Sally Morgan Sues for 150,000 euros!

Considered to be “Britain’s Best-loved Psychic”, Sally Morgan is now suing the publisher of the Daily Mail for 150,000 euros. This was after saying that her reputation, along with other self-proclaimed psychics, was allegedly ruined. The report said she was just using trickery when talking with the dead.Continue

Babies Born with Intuitive Grasp of Psychics

Using a method called violation of expectation, where babies are shown photos, videos, and events that come as expected and then followed by some that break rules or are unusual, the babies gaze is followed as a child will usually stare at images that are surprising. Continue

Psychic Scams Florida Woman

According to the victim, Priti Mahalanobis, there had already been signs that Stevens is not a legitimate psychic as she claims to be. For one, she was told by Stevens to stuff 11 pieces of $100 bills into an envelope along with 11 names of her relatives.Continue

When a Star Gets Addicted to Seeing Psychics

Addictions can come in different forms. Most addictions are into drugs, smoking, and alcohol. But not for this Hollywood star, Sarah Lassez. This actress has been in the business for a long time and has appeared in over 20 movies together with Dennis Hopper, Matthew Modine, and Rose MacGowan. She is addicted to seeing psychics. Continue

Psychic Makes a Living From Talking to the Dead

Bertoldi has written the books, “Do Dead People Watch You Shower?” in 2008 and then recently released her follow up entitled, “Do Dead People Walk Their Dogs?”. And because she is more afraid of the living ones, she has installed in her 3-acre home a security system. It is believed that her property used to be an American Indian burial ground. Continue

Warlock Thinks Obama will Lose in Reelection

It will not be long and the US presidential election will be here again. As President Obama is quite straight about getting a reelection and appearing popular in public opinion polls, one Mexican warlock thinks the opposite.Continue

Psychic Animal Grandpa Predicts New Hampshire Wins

The sensational animal psychic, Paul the Octopus, made waves when he correctly predicted who would win in the World Cup. After his death, many attempts have been made to replace the octopus.Continue

2012 Psychic News for the Soul

It has been predicted by the Mayans, through their Mayan calendar, that the apocalypse will come this December 21. And according to “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to 2012”, there are about 600,000 websites that are devoted to worrying about this news. Continue

Predictions and Myths for 2012

Psychic Monte of Huntsville, Alabama has posted on his website his new age predictions for 2012. There are also myths for 2012 published by Mitch Horowitz, the editor in chief of Tarcher/Penguin and the author of ‘Occult America.Continue

Casting Lots and Psychic News in 2012

A new age of psychic news and astrology, spirituality, numerology, horoscope, health and well being, dream interpretation, as well as wicca, now awaits psychics and fans as the start of the New Year commence.Continue

Psychic Interviewed on Baby Lisa Irwin’s Disappearance

It may be recalled that in early October, a baby by the name of Lisa Irwin disappeared from her crib in their house in Kansas City. This incident became news of national interest that also sparked the interest of many concerned citizens of the country.Continue

Psychic News : Psychic Surprised at Suit

Sean David Morton who sees himself as America’s Prophet and psychic is, to the authorities, just a fraud and a bad psychic at that. According to Morton, he has the ability to foretell the stock market. But the police will not buy this.Continue

Psychic Predicts Paterson Rise as NY Governor

If David Paterson, former State Lieutenant Governor of New York, did not ever imagine he would eventually take over his predecessor as Governor of the state, a woman-psychic saw this event coming.Continue

An Inopportune and Shameful Time for Psychics

It may be recalled that a psychic, Rose Marks, together with 9 others have been charged for extorting money and jewelries from clients. While a 44-year-old law against fortune-telling has struck against 2 Manhattan psychics Samantha Vlado on Horatio Street and Sylvia Mitchell on Seventh Avenue SouthContinue

Brad Pitt Seeks Psychic Advice

Who would ever think that a man this gorgeous will come to his psychic when he is faced with tough decisions? Yes, Brad Pitt seeks the psychic advice of Rod Bard during the most important moments of his life. With that, Bard knows Pitt very personally and knows him to be a very spiritual man.Continue

Salem Experiences Overcrowding of Witches

The witchy town of Salem in Massachusetts may be currently experiencing overcrowding of witches. Years after the Salem witch trials, the city council became more lenient about its regulation on allowing psychics to practice. With that, more and more self-proclaimed witches, angels, healers, and clairvoyants came out into the open.Continue

Psychic News : No Bodies Found in Mass Grave in Texas

A woman claiming to be a psychic gave a tip to the East Texas police Tuesday evening telling about a mass grave that has dozens of bodies that have been dismembered. Deputies from the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office were armed with a search warrant and some cadaver-sniffing dogs as they went to a home near Hardin to search for the said mass grave. Continue

Psychic News Story : Travel Advice by Psychic and Psychic Is Mourned in Bronx

Psychic medium Linda Lauren and other psychics are now being consulted by commuters on travel advice. and Marinus B. Dykshoorn, a known psychic clairvoyant, died after a September apartment fire in the Bronx.

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