British documentary claims Uri Geller a CIA spy

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A British documentary entitled “The Secret Life of Uri Geller—Psychic Spy?” posits that Uri Geller, a renowned psychic in the 1970s, was a US intelligence agent recruited to assist in the “psychic arms race” with the USSR during the Cold War.

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“Sometimes, you wonder whether Uri’s entire public career has actually been a front for his shadow world activities,” Jayanti said, speaking of Geller’s spying front as someone who became famous for staring at spoons and bending them with his psychic abilities.

The filmmaker added that former president Jimmy Carter requested a four-hour briefing from Geller on the Soviet psychic threat. “America didn’t want a psychic gap and Uri was the go-to guy about these things,” Jayanti told the Independent.

Based from compiled evidences, the film revealed that one of Geller’s assignments as a spy was to attempt to telepathically influence the mind of a Russian negotiator during Cold War arms talks in Geneva. The documentary indicated that Geller did this by beaming peace messages at his head. Geller also used his abilities to physically erase floppy discs transported by KGB agents via jets, the documentary said.

Furthermore, Geller was said to have refused some assignments, particularly one requiring him to stop a pig’s heart, which he thought back then was a prelude of the same act to then-Russian premier Yuri Andropov.

The 66-year-old Geller is currently involved in psychic-related shows in various European countries. In 2012, he was awarded the Golden Grolla for inspiring the world of magic, and the Star Foundation for doing charity work in Britain.

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