Florida Psychic and Her Family charged for Cheating Clients

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A well-known psychic in Florida, along with her family members, have been charged for cheating a good $40 million from their clients.

Rose Marks, 60, with 9 other family members, has cheated clients that include an author of best-selling books. Around $40 million in cash, goods, and property have been taken since 1991. Clients say they were convinced by the psychic family to hand over their cash and goods in order to drive away curses, change their fortunes, and get better health.

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The money and jewelries were used to create a lavish lifestyle for Marks and her family. The police searched through their house and found hundreds of fancy rings, necklaces, and watches from brands Tiffany and Cartier. There were also gold coins and a dozen cars that included a Bentley.

The suspects are now in the custody of Florida and New York facing charges of fraud, conspiracy, and money laundering to name a few.

A best-selling author, identified by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel as Jude Deveraux, was among the victims who unfortunately gave away $20 million to the suspect’s family.

Other victims include a woman with a brain tumor. She was promised to receive “positive energy” only to find herself already broke today. Another victim is from Japan who gave away $500,000 to the psychic family.

Source : http://www.nytimes.com/2011/08/23/us/23florida.html?ref=psychicsandpsychicphenomena

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