How Virginia Bell learned to forgive through a simple psychic reading

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It all started when Virginia Bell met a psychic named Irwin. According to Ms. Bell, Irwin is not a classy psychic like Vincent Ragone, or a tarot reader with an apartment filled with psychic paraphernalia. He was a different and, perhaps, rare breed.

Virginia Bell met Irwin in Brooklyn during the mid-1970s. Ms. Bell was busy discovering the simple rewards offered by the city and a simple psychic reading came into her mind.

Irwin, based on Ms. Bell’s observation, sat calmly while drinking coffee and smoking unfiltered Camels. Ms. Bell waited patiently for Irwin to begin his reading.

“Gimme a lifetime; gimme a lifetime,” Irwin said, repeatedly. Ms. Bell realised that Irwin requires the name of a person to explain past life connection.

Ms. Bell asked about herself first; Irwin responded that Ms. Bell had been a nun in 17th Century France, and she had studied witchcraft and astrology in Scotland.

Ms. Bell mostly asked about the men in her life, including her present boyfriend and even old lovers.

Finally, the reading focused on her father. Irwin explained that Ms. Bell’s father was a Calvinist in Germany during the 1600s. He was controlling, rigid, and intolerant in the past life. He also could not deal with feminism.

Virginia Bell realised that Irwin’s reading hit the jackpot.

According to Bell, her father was angry and abusive. Her mother suffered the abuse first, and then Virginia became the next subject of his rage when her mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia. The verbal and physical abuses became stronger as Virginia took on a modelling career. Due to the ordeal, she has developed an eating disorder and broke down.

In a few years, Virginia Bell emerged victorious and made peace with her past. Or so she thinks.

As Ms. Bell continues asking questions about her misery, Irwin continued his reading. Finally, he came to an answer.

“You didn’t forgive him.” Irwin spoke, amidst his smoking. Ms. Bell does not want to believe what Irwin has said.

For Ms. Bell, Irwin’s answer was implausible. She tried her best resolving the issues between her and her father. She even underwent therapy to get an overall feeling of peace. At the end of it all, it dawned on her that she has not truly forgiven her father.

Gradually, Virginia Bell realised that working around the problems in her life is not the same thing as healing them.

You didn’t forgive him. Irwin’s psychic-borne words have changed Virginia’s life.

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