Landlord Rely on Psychic for Prospective Tenants Purpose

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A landlord, who wants to make sure that his prospective tenants can sufficiently pay for their rent to his units in Brooklyn, refers his decision to a psychic for “psychic credit checks”. Joan Baker is freelance property manager and supervisor and is sought by Mr. Herzfeld.

“I’ve never had a problem with anyone she’s checked into. I don’t know what part is psychic, what part is luck and what part is interpersonal skill. But I know she’s effective,
” said Herzfeld.

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“It’s more than just a hunch about somebody. It’s a physical reaction you get, where you can almost see what’s going to happen once they move in,” she said.

According to Baker, she has done readings on 60 to 70 potential tenants in Bushwick, Bed-Stuy, and South Williamsburg. She said she has only been wrong with her readings twice.

Baker says she is a “devout skeptic”. However, she believes she has a form of extra sensory perception which she first found out when she was only a teenager.

“I was taking a Greyhound bus to Oakland and I got really bored, so I started reading all the passengers’ palms. It turned out I was spot on. Stuff no one could have known, like ‘Your brother was bitten by a snake when you were little.’ ”

“I know how flaky and stupid it sounds, saying you have psychic abilities. Like I must be a crazy cat lady or something,” Ms. Baker added.

Ms. Baker is believed in by her tenants and co-workers. One of them is Bob Hain who is a graphic artist and who has lived in one of Ms. Baker’s units. He said, “if anybody’s psychic, she is. She’s always predicting when things go wrong in our apartment.”

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