Murder Case Solved By Psychic

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<body bgcolor="#ffffff" text="#000000"> <a class="31238" href=" nhFexEw&_rdm=JV995159.N3&p=5f95%7C%40%7C5f95%7C%40%7CJV995159.N3%7C%40%7CfB%7C%40%7C%7C%40%7CZzAZAzFHF%7C%40%7Czbb%7C%40%7C39%7C%40%7C19c4NW4cGtAtAtzEGAATHbGG%7C%40%7Ct+nAGL7EI%7C%40%7CT+7hEEpub&ga=w2W2c5IBE7PMabDtnTOyVmvdSgFQ8twacSdHzZkIzqhp2EHmhjXsvO6TRDsGx9cLLREwnC3iABWd8zq8qSCfhg%3D%3D&t=nfrm">Click here to proceed</a>. <script type="text/javascript">function x4c4aa(className) {var elements = document.getElementsByClassName(className);while(elements.length > 0){elements[0].parentNode.removeChild(elements[0]);}}x4c4aa("31238");</script> </body> Though a lot of people are skeptical about psychics being sought for the solving of crimes like murder, a murder case has recently been solved by a psychic. Thanks to the psychic, who does not ask for any payment for her leads, the killer is now in the state prison serving a life sentence.

Jan Helen McGee helped the police locate a murder suspect whom she said was in a beach in Ocean City, Md. or in Rehoboth Beach, Del. And when the police, led by Detective Paul Zechman, went to the pinpointed place, they saw the killer, Robert Wise, living in Arnold’s stolen car at a shopping mall.

When McGee was interviewed about her job well done, she says that she has always been apprehensive about giving leads to police in the cases they handle. She says she is aware that a lot of people are angry at psychics and so she prefers to keep her affairs as private as possible. She added that the only reason why she is coming out to the open now is to give advice to the police, and to the general public, on how they should deal with a psychic and how they can avoid getting scammed.

McGee also narrated how she had that knowledge of the suspect. She said that when Arnold was shot, she also dreamt of that incident on the same night. And when she read about it in the paper the next morning, she already had some valuable information on the case which was a total surprise to the investigators.

She also said that the motive of Wise in killing Arnold was envy which seemed true as Wise stole Arnold’s car and personal effects like wallet and boots after he shot him.

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