Psychic News Story : Travel Advice by Psychic and Psychic Is Mourned in Bronx

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Psychic medium Linda Lauren and other psychics are now being consulted by commuters on travel advice.
More and more psychic mediums are heard spending more time in sessions on travel stress, counseling clients to, for example, avoid traveling during full moons.

According to Rosemary the Celtic Lady, the founder of the American Association of Psychics, not only are horoscopes and dream interpretation becoming popular. New age spirituality and concern for health and well being have made topic of travel more prevalent among clairvoyants as many people are now concerned with travel stress and being better prepared while traveling on business or vacation.

A Psychic Is Mourned in Bronx

Marinus B. Dykshoorn, a known psychic clairvoyant, died after a September apartment fire in the Bronx. Mr. Dykshoorn was renown in the Netherlands as a psychic.

Mr. Dykshoorn, along with his wife of 58 years, Cornelia, were buried after a small service at Woodlawn Cemetery, more than two weeks after a fire in their apartment in the Riverdale neighborhood killed Mrs. Dykshoorn, 87, and left Mr. Dykshoorn, 91, in critical condition. He died nine days later.

Throughout the service, attendees were seen filing up the lectern, one after another, in order to reminisce and share stories of Mr. Dykshoorn’s gift. He had counseled many people on business deals and love interests, on career decisions, and used-car values.

He was also known to provide assistance to law enforcement cases the world over, according to his daughter, helping investigators locate murder weapons, identify suspects, and discover victims’ remains years after they were reported missing.

A Sad New Twist

Megyn Kelly, American journalist and news anchor employed by the Fox News, has found a rather puzzling angle to the sad tale of missing baby Lisa Irwin whose disappearance from her Kansas City crib became a national news story in early October.

Ms. Kelly interviewed a psychic about the case on her Wednesday show.

The psychic named Stephanie Almaguer, a self-described psychic, had become involved with the investigation after telling the police of her vision that informed her of the missing baby’s whereabouts.

Ms. Kelly then interviewed Almaguer and asked her to talk about her vision for reasons that were not entirely clear. Kelly even said that Fox News had confirmed that police planned to investigate the location that emerged from Almaguer’s vision.

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