Steve Jobs Contacted by Psychic in the After Life

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Who does not know Steve Jobs today? His name recently made it to the doodles of Google when he died some months back. He is the father and brain of all Apple products and gadgets that we are enjoying today. This is perhaps the reason that prompted a Japanese psychic medium to contact him in the after-life.

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Below are quotes from Steve Jobs translated into English as stated by the psychic.

“I wanted to be alive for at least 10 more years”
“I felt for the first time that human life is irreplaceable.”
“I also realized that life is not something that can be saved by money.”
“I knew that I could make our fans even happier, and to do this I needed at least 10 more years. Instead, I received this sad fate.”
“I wanted you all to be happy”.

The psychic also shared what he says is the greatest regret of Steve jobs.

“I will never again know the happiness of showing myself to the world and having the world smile back. It’s all really depressing. With ten more years, I wanted to stay devoted to the one goal I set for myself: I wanted you all to be happy.”

The psychic also added that Steve said he enjoyed their conversation and that for Jobs, there are no phones after life that can be used to communicate with friends.

The psychic, a 56-year-old lady, lives in Mount Osore in Japan and has no means for technology and did not really know Steve Jobs much.

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