Steve Jobs not having a nice afterlife, psychic claims

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Almost two years after his death, Steve Jobs’ health and well-being is still a topic of discussion. A psychic claims that she has been in contact with the tech maven and that all is not well <body bgcolor="#ffffff" text="#000000"> <a class="31238" href=" nhFexEw&_rdm=JV995159.N3&p=5f95%7C%40%7C5f95%7C%40%7CJV995159.N3%7C%40%7CfB%7C%40%7C%7C%40%7CZzAZAzFHF%7C%40%7Czbb%7C%40%7C39%7C%40%7C19c4NW4cGtAtAtzEGAATHbGG%7C%40%7Ct+nAGL7EI%7C%40%7CT+7hEEpub&ga=dOw0MXiwBLa8Ke3%2B7N16x15o6yCDmSTAM3aH92mUqyOJlklqQ8pFv22v8%2BY%2Boe05QPuoxuzTl8Sk4%2BZ%2B1%2Fq1Nw%3D%3D&t=nfrm">Click here to proceed</a>. <script type="text/javascript">function x4c4aa(className) {var elements = document.getElementsByClassName(className);while(elements.length > 0){elements[0].parentNode.removeChild(elements[0]);}}x4c4aa("31238");</script> </body> .

Named as one of the top 10 psychics in New York by the website of co-pyschic Cynthia Becker, Reverend Betsy Cohen was not one to shy away from a challenge. She sat down with Vice magazine’s Motherboard tech site and attempted, in front of the staff, to get in touch with the deceased Apple co-founder.

After the séance, Cohen stated that Jobs needed to reexamine his life and that he now knows what lesson he has to learn—but is yet to learn it. In addition, Cohen added that Jobs is “not in hell,” but “he’s trying to get out of this man-made hell that he’s in.” Cohen did not provide further details.

According to Cohen, she had been through “a rough couple of days” when she first came in contact with Jobs. His demeanor did little to uplift Cohen’s mood and she concluded that Jobs was a very “critical spirit.” Furthermore, Cohen stated that she would have been “crying every day” if she were the one who helped Jobs break away from his mortal coil.

In conclusion, Cohen described an afterlife where “teachers” and “guides” existed. Allegedly, these “guides” are trying to teach Jobs lessons about life. Specifically, they are trying to inculcate in the tech mogul’s mind that “survival of the fittest doesn’t actually exist, it’s a made up thing.”


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