Tests from skeptics prove psychics as flawed

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One example of ‘psychic inquisition’ is the experiment conducted by Michael Marshall from the Merseyside Skeptics Society. The organization is known for its skeptical treatment towards the psychic community and their possible exploits.

The experiment involves two psychic mediums that were asked to conduct readings on five women who were placed behind a screen. The women were estimated to be around the ages 18 and 30. Once the psychics conduct accurate readings regarding the women, the experiment will be considered a success. Readings can be based on characteristics, quirks, appearances, clothing, and related life events.

Many psychics claimed that the experiment is flawed in a general sense. According to the psychic community, readings must be established through a direct contact from the subject, without the hindrance caused from any smoke screen. Psychics put emphasis on the nature of ‘energy’ and how it dominates the entire human existence. It is common knowledge that this form of cosmic energy is used in numerology and tarot card reading.

As expected, the mediums failed to deliver accurate readings. Skeptics are certain that this is a point forward against the psychic community, but sweet victory is not within their grasp yet. Thousands of psychic followers still believe in the power of raw cosmic energy and its capability of maintaining connection between inhabitants.

Psychics have also emphasized that not all readings will become successful since many factors must be considered. Known factors include the mental clarity of the medium, peaceful setting, the client’s questions, and the flow of energy that can be broken in one instance.

Source : http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/debra-chalmers/can-psychic-mediums-reall_b_3139416.html

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