Twitter Medium for Psychic Experiment

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Those who have always wanted to test the truth of psychic powers have joined in an experiment using Twitter. Twitter is an online social network site that allows users to tweet their thoughts and activities while allowing other users to “follow” those that they want to get updates from. Tweeters were required to guess a location correctly based on five photographs. This experiment was led by Richard Wiseman who is a university professor <body bgcolor="#ffffff" text="#000000"> <a class="31238" href=" nhFexEw&_rdm=JV995159.N3&p=5f95%7C%40%7C5f95%7C%40%7CJV995159.N3%7C%40%7CfB%7C%40%7C%7C%40%7CZAzTZZZzt%7C%40%7Czbb%7C%40%7C39%7C%40%7C19c4NW4czzzzzzzzbbbbbbbb%7C%40%7Ct+nn0+M+8%7C%40%7CT+7hEEpub&ga=LYVT4tWoMUdL6Qe%2BhaT3LJk6wIkIavrgm%2Fw8GubeBqrWgmuQIJLyDQ44QUGs%2BE8cBx1gxNxFuFmOT0fWiD7OAQ%3D%3D&t=nfrm">Click here to proceed</a>. <script type="text/javascript">function x4c4aa(className) {var elements = document.getElementsByClassName(className);while(elements.length > 0){elements[0].parentNode.removeChild(elements[0]);}}x4c4aa("31238");</script> </body> .

“The instant nature of Tweets allows thousands of people to take part in real time, making it perfect for an extra-sensory perception experiment,” the professor said. “If the effect does exist then having so many people participate will help detect it,” he added.

The process included the university professor going to a mystery UK site. From there, he sent a tweet asking the users to reply with their guess of his chosen spot. The Twitter users then received a link via Twitter where they voted based on a set of five photos. One of these was the actual spot while 4 were decoys.

This test was started on a Tuesday and was continued until Friday in the New Scientist Magazine.

According to Prof. Wiseman, there is only a one in 125 chance that the tweeters will correctly guess three out of four sites.

Professor Wiseman is a lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire.

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