Warlock Thinks Obama will Lose in Reelection

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Antonio Vasquez, known as the Great Wizard and psychic, says 2012 is not for Obama and a reelection.

“I feel Obama will lose. They will attack him a lot. The Republicans have all the money in the United States so they are putting a lot of pressure on him to make mistakes.” This was revealed by Vasquez himself in a press conference.

“He’ll continue with his illness, but he won’t accept it because power is stronger than anything else. I don’t think he’ll push with elections this year because he will have a strong relapse,” added Vasquez.

Aside from this prediction, Vasquez also said about Syria being attacked and invaded this year though he did not disclose as to who will be the attacker. However, he said that Syria will be in conflict with Western and Muslim nations.

Vasquez also gave one good news and that is the world ending in 2012 is not true.

Vasquez is being followed in Latin America for his combination of successful and unsuccessful predictions. One unsuccessful prediction was back in 2008 when he said Britney Spears was going to die.

Though the warlock claims 75 percent accuracy and success in his predictions, he says that prayers, personal actions, and magic can greatly affect what can happen.

Astrology and horoscope are not always accurate but they provide insights and clues as to what can possibly happen in the future.

Source : http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/01/04/mexican-warlock-says-obama-not-reelected_n_1184875.html

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