How A Psychic Can Change Your life : 3 Real Life Examples

Freelance Journalist Elizabeth Day explains in an article for Elle Magazine how a psychic gave her hope, predicted her future career and relationship and gave her courage and faith when she went through some huge changes in her life – particularly in her love life and career.  

While Elizabeth claims that not all things predicted came true (which is not surprising as predictions can never be set in stone).  She conveys in her tale of her visit to a well known psychic in LA that the psychic focused particularly on her romantic life and career despite Elizabeth paying particular attention to not giving too much away.  As it turns out, these were the two areas in her life that were in the throes of significant change and the guy that this particular psychic predicted for Elizabeth actually turned up and became her significant other!  

Tales Of Mediumship

Al Deluise a contributor to Huff Post Discussed how a psychic medium contacted a friend who had passed away only a couple of months before.  It sent shivers down his spine and is something he’s never forgotten since.  The interesting thing about this article is that it also discusses other experiences that Al had with other psychics, which were not all so good.  But he was blown away when his friend’s husband came through in his reading.

Giving Out Real Advice

Louis Baragona in his article for The Insider, Explains not just how his tarot reading predictions came true but also how the advice given to him was so strong that it had the opportunity to take his dating life from soul-less and soul destroying to finally being able to be in the position to attract the right person for him into his life.  This story is an excellent example of how a psychic might not always say what you want to hear but they do say what you need to hear.

Have you had any life-changing experiences with a psychic?  Please share your story in the comments below.


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