How DIY Sacred Rituals Can Take Your Life From Average To Outstanding

Have you ever wondered why so many people from all walks of life and all kinds of faith follow sacred rituals?  

Some people might believe that such rituals  invoke magic whereas others might not even give it a second thought as to why so many people like a ritual or two.  But even if you don’t prescribe to any of the rituals that have made it to your attention, there is a huge benefit you can reap from creating your own sacred rituals and it’s so good that you will wonder why you haven’t started creating your own sacred rituals before now!

In essence, a sacred ritual is all about elevating something that is important to you by holding it sacred.  And you elevate that idea, practice or thing by assigning more worth to it through a ritual. In doing so, you develop a habit of reminding yourself to appreciate and respect whatever it is that you deem to be sacred and you hold it sacred with every fibre of your being.  

And when you come to practice your sacred ritual, you not only place it higher in importance than other things in your life (which makes it an excellent tool for goal accomplishment), but you’ll also be unconsciously bringing in a sense of wholeness.  As well as a sense of fulfilment, elevated confidence and wellbeing – just by practising such a ritual (as long as it’s a healthy ritual).

To make it sacred, you really have to invest in a process that enhances the experience or routine that you are deciding to make sacred.  

So for example; if you choose to make your daily exercise routine sacred, you might save wear specific clothes, meditate for five minutes beforehand to get into the right mindset and then afterwards you might shower using a special soap, while contemplating the good that you have done for you and your wellbeing.  

The idea is you stick to a ritual; you make it sacred by creating a unique mindful routine that you follow to the letter daily and by using ritual specific props (such as the soap, the clothes, the meditation, and the shower in the example used above).  When you do this, it becomes a habit, and that habit can make a world of difference to your mindset – for the good of course!

Whatever ritual you decide to do, you need to make and hold it sacred to achieve the best results.  

Examples of rituals  you can make sacred are:

  • Daily Hygiene Routine
  • Gratitude or personal discovery journal
  • Practising a skill to improve your work
  • Goal setting or planning your day.
  • Healthy breakfast routine.
  • Exercise routine
  • Meditating
  • Walking the dog
  • A relaxation ritual
  • Pre-sleep ritual
  • Wake up ritual
  • Attract love into your life ritual
  • Health ritual

It seems as though in our Western World, nothing is sacred anymore, and so by starting to make something sacred, even if it’s just one small activity that is important for you, you begin to add more meaning to your life and begin to attract more of what you deem to sacred.  

To get started, think of something that would contribute to your life right now and in the future and start making a mini sacred ritual out of doing whatever it is that you have decided is important.  

If you are unsure what to prioritise in your life, don’t forget to check out an online psychic advisor who can help you understand what to prioritise as a ritual and even what types of props to use in the process.  

Similarly if you want to achieve a goal such as attracting love in your life, a love psychic can help you choose a routine and specific attraction props to help you start to move yourself in to a position that is perfect for bringing in a happy and healthy relationship.  As we have already said, sacred rituals are incredible.


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