20 Reasons Why Cancerians are Ideal Partners

20 Reasons Why Cancerians are Ideal Partners

In a previous article, we talked about the ‘third astrological sign in the Zodiac’, Gemini people. Gemini, they are spoken to by the twins Castor and Pollux in Greek Mythology. Individuals conceived under this sign have a characteristic interest that keeps them progressing, taking in somewhat about everything without waiting a lot on a specific subject.

Just like water, Cancer’s ruling element, Cancerians go through a multitude of changes and phases of experience. An internal ocean of emotions make their lives dynamic; this is why their lives never stand still even if they stay in one place. As individuals, they are compassionate and sensitive—very affectionate with friends yet cutting to the bone with their jealous remarks when provoked.

Below are 20 reasons that answer the question everyone’s been asking.

What makes Cancerians a great catch?

  1. Cancerians are intuitive. Basing most of their decisions on their emotions, intuition is the Cancerians’ guiding light.
  2. Cancerians are loving and nurturing. With a desire to be loved themselves, they tend to manifest it by being naturally affectionate to a chosen few.
  3. Cancerians are dependable. Always ready to lend a hand to friends and loved ones, Cancerians have developed a reputation for being dependable individuals.
  4. Cancerians are sensitive. Because they are in touch with their emotions, Cancerians are quite sensitive to how others feel as well.
  5. Cancerians are tenacious. They are uncompromising when driven by purpose. Sympathetic in the face of their loved ones, they are formidable individuals otherwise.
  6. Cancerians possess a maternal instinct. They are conservative and family-oriented by nature. They seek the security of a home, and wish to provide the same to their partner, whenever the stresses of life become too much of a burden.
  7. Cancerians are sympathetic. As partners, they are mostly aware of how you feel due to their keen imaginations and sensitive nature.
  8. Cancerians are emotional. They are never pretentious when it comes to their emotions. Deep inside, they are compassionate and yearn for an exchange of love and understanding.
  9. Cancerians are domestic. They are known as the “homemakers of the zodiac”.
  10. Cancerians are sound financial investors. They are usually successful with business and financial partnerships, which are formed out of friendships and social connections.
  11. Cancerians are passionate and loyal. Passionate in life and love, Cancerians are known to show enthusiasm in both. They are passionate and loyal lovers that don’t give up easily even in the face of adversity.
  12. Cancerians possess a need to connect with others. Look past their tough exterior and you will find a vulnerable individual yearning for love and understanding.
  13. Cancerians are imaginative. In relationships, they often fantasize about a romantic ideal and strive to achieve it, making them romantic partners.
  14. Cancerians have a good memory. No more forgetting anniversaries! They can even remember in detail the first time you met. Be careful, though, as this goes both ways—Cancerians are also known to hold grudges.
  15. Cancerians are patriotic. Yearning for a place in which to settle down and a partner with whom to build a family, they tend to express a deep love for their country that they have come to call their home.
  16. Cancerians are food-lovers. They enjoy both creating and savouring a good dish with loved ones.
  17. Cancerians are conscientious. With the desire to do what is right, they tend to be industrious and driven, especially when it comes to their loved ones.
  18. Cancerians are receptive. They keep an open mind and welcome new ideas, making them keen learners.
  19. Cancerians yearn security and the feeling of being needed. When you have a Cancerian partner, it’s important to always remind him or her how valuable he or she is to you.
  20. Cancerians are avid collectors. This trait stems from their keen sense of worth.

Zodiac Signs Most Compatible with Cancer

CANCER and Taurus

These two enjoy a strong connection due to common grounds. This bond provides them a powerful sexual and physical attraction that will see them through challenges. Providing each other with motivation and impetus, they show enthusiasm in working toward their dreams.

CANCER and Virgo

The inquisitive nature of these two astrological signs provides illumination and fosters harmony in the relationship. They dream of a perfect love similar to those found in romance novels and romantic comedies. They must remain open to each other to overcome a tendency to feel detached and frustrated in their communication with each other.

CANCER and Scorpio

Chemistry is what makes these two click. Both emotional, they can possess strong feelings toward each other and tend to hold on tightly to these. These strong feelings create a strong bond that can be hard to break. Although very compatible, their differences can sometimes cause conflict in the relationship.

CANCER and Capricorn

These two signs jive because they have a great appreciation of each other’s worlds. In spite of this, their tastes are often in contradiction of each other. There is a lot of love and admiration to be had in this relationship and, consequently, blessings and good fortune abound as well.

CANCER and Pisces

An explosive combination, these two are known to bring good luck wherever they go. Creativity plays a major role in their relationship, and each enjoys tapping into the creative capabilities of the other. An innate understanding beyond the physical realm reinforces the strong bond between these two signs.

CANCER and Cancer

Finishing each other’s sentences, these two are almost always in the same train of thought. Talking is often not necessary for them to understand each other. The love that they arouse in each other is the glue that keeps them together. Some independence will help each individual in the long run, as coddling will cause problems in the relationship.

Have you ever been in a relationship with a Cancerian? What made you fall head-over-heels in love with him or her? Share your ideas with us in the comments!

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