20 Reasons Why Leos are Ideal Partners

20 Reasons Why Leos are Ideal Partners

In a past article, we discussed the ‘water-sign, Cancer’s decision component, Cancerians. As people, they are humane and touchy—exceptionally loving with companions yet slicing deep down with their desirous comments when incited.

Known as the zodiac sign ruled by the heart, love plays a major role in the life of Leos. They are totally devoted when it comes to relationships, and you can rely on their loyalty once they give you their heart. As such, they require equal amounts of love and devotion from a partner, if not more. Break a Leo’s heart, and he or she will remember it for life. Once they get out of a relationship, don’t expect them to come back; Leos are known to never look back because they usually have a good reason for leaving in the first place.

Below are 20 reasons that answer the question everyone’s been asking.

What makes Leos so lovable?

  1. Leos are Naturally Warm and Affectionate. With a desire to be loved themselves, they tend to manifest it by expressing their own love to a chosen few.
  2. Leos are Hopeless Romantics. Among the astrology signs, Leo is the only one ruled by the heart, and this makes them naturals when it comes to wooing a potential partner.
  3. Leos are Generous. If they see someone in difficulty, they have a tendency to lend a hand, even if it means they have to carry part of the burden.
  4. Leos are Constant and Trustworthy. By focusing inward on their personal development and growth, they become dependable individuals.
  5. Leo is the Sign of Royalty. No matter where they go, they exude an air of confidence and find it easy to fit in, making them natural leaders.
  6. Leos are Loyal and Supportive. As partners, they will always be at your side, whatever the odds.
  7. Leos are Spirited and Strong-Willed. A demand for recognition makes them grab the limelight by showing off their skills and talents.
  8. Leos are Self-assured, oft giving them the appearance of being aggressive or impatient. They are straightforward and say exactly what they want in a relationship.
  9. Leos are Open and Honest. Their objectivity is the root of this honesty, and they look for a partner who possesses this same quality.
  10. Leos are Flamboyant. They make an effort to get noticed using their wit, abilities, or natural charm.
  11. Leos Love flattery. They thrive in being adored and, as such, relish each compliment they receive.
  12. Leos are Ambitious. Naturally driven individuals, they will persevere to reach the summit of whatever endeavour they choose.
  13. Leos Love Complimenting their Partner. They choose a partner they can be proud of and make an effort to constantly tell their partner why he or she is loved.
  14. Leos are Protective. Known as passionate lovers, they can also be nurturing and fiercely protective of the ones they love.
  15. Leos Make Loving Parents. A beacon of loyalty, they care most about family and protecting their own.
  16. Leos are Born Leaders. Strong and courageous, they also possess an air of nobility that adds to their charisma as a leader.
  17. Leos Love the Drama. Everything they do is expressed in the most dramatic way possible. There’s no middle ground for Leos, and this ensures that there’s never a dull moment with them.
  18. Leos are Idealistic. This idealism is something that inspires others and helps spread positive energy.
  19. Leos are Creative. With a flair for the dramatic, they often find creative ways to express themselves and their emotions. They love to experiment and are quite adventurous.
  20. Leos are a Lot of Fun!. Spontaneous and energetic, they are always looking for the next great adventure.

Zodiac Signs Most Compatible with Leo

LEOS and Aries

Being both fire signs, the union of Leo and Aries guarantees that sparks will fly. Fiery passion is the name of the game when these two are involved, and it will definitely be a competition determining who will end up on top. Their healthy competitiveness and love of sportsmanship ensure a lot of action in the relationship.

LEOS and Sagittarius

With a tendency to live life to the fullest, these two astrology signs are guaranteed to have a fun and dynamic relationship. They will admire and respect each other due to their equally warm and charismatic personalities. Both are very sociable in nature and are great companions when looking for a good time.

Have you ever been involved with a Leos? What made you fall head-over-heels in affection with him or her? Impart your thoughts to us in the remarks!

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