Taking a Leap of Faith in Making Big Decisions

Taking a Leap of Faith in Making Big Decisions

Last month, the truth about love was clearly revealed to us based on reality, regardless if it was favorable or not, as September was known to be an Earthy, controlled and fact-based month. It has also equally given us a breathing space to take a break and relax, that was definitely called for.

This month, the universe will challenge our ability to make sound decisions in life, considering that October is one of the most important months of the year. As the holidays are fast approaching, the season calls for more time spent with our partners, friends and families. Now is the beginning of planning for reunions and parties to celebrate Thanksgiving. Keep in mind that getting together with your loved ones lets you reflect and weigh how the year has been as you talk about life aspects. Thus, making it an ideal period to resolve what you exactly want not just in your life but with the people around you as well.

Additionally, you should enjoy this phase to be honest with yourself and determine how many frenemies you have made over the past year and ponder how they play a part in your life. You need to make decisions on what to do with them and welcome big changes as the year closes and prepare for what’s in store next year!

Infographic: Where the love & relationship planets lie in OCTOBER 2017

As the planets are dialing up the heat on your relationships this month, watch out for the following exciting planetary movements and find out how it could significantly affect you!

  • Sun in Libra through October 23
  • Full Moon in Aries – 5th
  • New Moon in Libra – 19th
  • Jupiter switches gears moving from Libra to Scorpio October 11 (BIG NEWS)
  • Mercury in Libra through the 18th, then in Scorpio
  • Venus in Virgo through the 15th, then in Libra for a month
  • Mars in Virgo through the 23rd then moves into Libra

And to explore more truths about your future in love and relationship, read the full forecast of Love Horoscopes for October 2017. Don’t forget to check out your Monthly Horoscopes too!


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