The Truth About Love, Revealed

The Truth About Love, Revealed

Last month, “August: A Time for Reflection” we have experienced interesting planetary transitions brought by the eclipses, which probably resulted stress for some or boredom to others. But it has been a fairly good month to reflect on our life aspects just as well.

This September, the cosmos delivers the right planets at the right time! There’s a lot of things to look forward to as this month would serve as your recovery period from everything that has occurred in the past weeks. Of course, the universe cannot let the restlessness continue and be a burden to us forever.

If you are thinking of taking relaxation to the next level, this would be the good idea for this month. And if you can wait until Mercury swiftly moves into Virgo by September 11 – that would actually be the best! Take a break, be happy and enjoy life.

The previous month has indeed been a passionate and emotional period, but this month is the exact opposite. September can be described as Earthy, controlled and fact-based. Whether or not you’re meant to be together – as friends, lovers or in each other’s lives or not… they will surely be exposed.

Infographics: Where the love planets are in September 2017…

  • Venus the lover in heart ruled Leo through Sept 21 then moves into Virgo through October 15
  • Mars in Leo through September 6, then in Virgo through October 23
  • Jupiter spends his last full month in Libra
  • Full Moon in Pisces September 6
  • New Moon in Virgo September 20

Take a peek on the following infographic of Love Horoscope for September 2017. So to know more about your future in love and relationship, read the full forecast of Love Horoscopes for September 2017. And while you’re at it, take the time to explore our Monthly Horoscopes too!


To See our Full-sized Infographic, click here: Love Horoscopes by AstroGirl for SEPTEMBER 2017

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