JULY: Good Things are Bound to Happen

JULY: Good Things are Bound to Happen

Last month, we have welcomed the principal month of summer, June, with a fresh start! The favorable balance of the divine patrons has motivated us to make progress on different life aspects in this fruitful month.

This July, cherish each moment as you get to relax through the month while Mercury is in Leo, which is not a bad position at all. Its harmony with Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn shows no negative viewpoints around.

At this time, the mind works perfectly as both driven and sharp modes are turned on. Important choices need to be carefully deliberated, so better stay out trouble and disputes with other people. Nonetheless, more brilliant ideas are expected to come in than usual so make sure to get that head banging for best economic outcomes.

To sum it up, expect a smooth sailing July as remarkably pleasant things will surely transpire!

Infographic: Here’s a quick view on July 2017’s planetary movements:

  • Sun in Cancer through July 23 then in Leo through August 23
  • New Moon in Leo – July 23
  • Full Moon in Capricorn – July 8
  • Mercury in Cancer through July 23 then moves into Leo July 23 – Virgo
  • Venus in Taurus through July 6 then in Gemini through July 1st
  • Mars in Cancer through July 21st then in Leo through September 6
  • Jupiter in Libra through early October
  • Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius

In the following infographic, briefly get to know more about each zodiac sign or get a complete astrological forecast through our Monthly Horoscopes! Also, do check out our Astrology & Horoscopes page, for an in-depth understanding of your cosmic activities!


To See our Full-sized Infographic, click here: Cosmic Insight for JULY 2017

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