November: Beware and Be Aware of What is Yet to Come

November: Beware and Be Aware of What is Yet to Come

Last month, we have detailed a pocketful of zodiac revelations for you as we have discussed horoscopic forecasts for all the astrological signs.

And now, we welcome the fresh month of November and continue with our quest in unfolding what lies ahead of our lives. Know more about the upcoming significant events so you can be in control in all aspects such as career and money, love and relationship, and even in your physical and spiritual health.

As the stars and planets make their cosmic waves in space, take a glimpse of how they will affect your respective star signs with the following predictions:


Red hot passionate Mars will make its way through your sign this month leaving you with a tidal wave, which you need to control if it will have a strong or soft landing. And since you are naturally calm, it’s safe to say that it’s going to be peaceful touchdown.

Mars, the ruler of your opposite sign Aries, is known for being direct, honest and painfully truthful in his dealings with others. And if you’ve been holding something in for way too long, it could all come bursting out this month that will surprise many because they didn’t expect it from you.

Take note of these important dates – November 9, 11 and 21 – your best astrological days this month when you can plan to carry out any negotiations. The Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and your ruler Venus will all pass through your solar 2nd house of money and finances this month, all of them wearing intense Scorpio, the sign of secrets and intensity. While this could mean you’re in for some money-oriented disputes or arguments over possessions, you might not want to get too caught up in these games as they could get ugly really quickly.


The Birthday Boys and Girls!
Your Full Moon in the relationship zone of November 4 is accompanied by three planets with interesting takes on relationships. So your mission now is to think outside the box with regard to all of your relationships. Keep in mind that not because other people handles similar situations a certain way, it means that it’s the proper approach that would work for you as well.

Meanwhile, the giver of opportunities Jupiter, spends his first full month in your birth sign this month. So it’s the best time to weigh things around you and determine who and what exactly would offer up insights into your life. Make the wise decision in your dealings as Jupiter is only with you for one year and he will be gone right before you know it.

The Sun and Mercury spending time in Sagittarius this month hits home in your 2nd house of self-esteem and self-worth and with Jupiter the planet of good luck in your sign it wouldn’t be a bad time to pick up a lottery ticket around November 11, 17 or 25. Good luck!

It’s your birthday so it’s your time to shine! You also get an extra perk of mixing work and play towards mid-month without compromising any of which. Plus your creative juices take its height this month and you may want to consider a good idea of turning a hobby into part time business.


A pack of intense Scorpio planets – including your own ruler Jupiter – will turn your attention towards shared resources this month Sagittarius. As the Full Moon rises on November 4, you may need to make a major decision about a joint financial matter. If you don’t get satisfying responses from your colleagues, you might as well consult trusted professional.

Super conservative Saturn in your sign will get into an easy trine with rebellious Uranus in Aries, your happiness zone mid-month, which will make it easy to blend the experiences from your past with your hopes for the future. Deciding where to aim your energies is very important this month and for the next year, too.

Mercury and Saturn come together in your sign on November 28 – a pair that was tailor made for making tough choices with an eye toward permanence and announcing your decisions with confidence. If you’ve been mulling over a career change, you need to mull it over a little bit more Sagittarius.


Mark your calendar as Venus and Jupiter get together on 13th of November. They are expected to create the possibility for great wealth – which is truly a music to your ears! You are one sign that understands the need to ‘go for it’ when there’s a chance to make good money so understand what these planets are telling you and if your gut tells you to invest on any level – don’t hesitate, go for it!

Goats, be prepared for a testy workweek on the 3rd week of November as the universe will see how you handle stress and pressure. Your real mission is to stay put and not stalk off anywhere until plan B is ready to be deployed.

The New Moon on November 18 is in intense and determined Scorpio, your 11th house of hopes, wishes and friendship, urging you to accept yourself as you truly are – warts and all. A cosmic wake-up call which might be difficult to swallow but it is necessary.


A sky full of playful, curious fire and air planets will see to it that you’re anything but lying around bored this month Aquarius. Which as we know, like your fellow air sign Gemini, is the worst thing imaginable…boredom! There will be a lot happening work wise too with Jupiter the planet of opportunity and abundance spending his first full month in your 10th house of career and reputation this month. If you’re not happy with the work you’re doing, your boss or your co-workers, this is the time to start putting out feelers for a new job.

The Full Moon on November 4 will stir things up in your 4th house of home and family which could bring about a disruption in your domestic routine. Fortunately, you are intuitive in this and if your flat mate suddenly ups and leaves, you’ll be prepared.


A Full Moon in earthy, grounded Taurus arrives November 4, training her spotlight on your conversations, thoughts and communications zone. Now, you’re probably an ultra-sensitive and highly psychic soul, but any decisions to be made now will also require a strong dose of reality.

Hard work is on your plate this month and the only way to get ahead with the Sun and Mercury in your solar 10th house of career and climbing the corporate ladder zone. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to say something uncomfortable or unpleasant, the time has come, it is now or never. Mercury and Saturn will get together once again November 28, a team that’s all about relaying just the facts in the most practical way possible. You have been worrying about saying this for some time but it has to be said and there’s no other way to slice it Pisces.


Dearest Aries – you won’t be sitting at home or looking for things to happen this month. As long as you have one or two friends by your side, this is a very social month for you indeed. Your ruler Mars is currently on a journey through your opposite sign of Libra, your 7th house of relationships, demanding fire and passion from all of your relationships. November is a great month for making new friends and acquaintances so let’s get that friendly mood working.

The Full Moon in Taurus and the New Moon in Scorpio will also trigger your solar money houses this month. Whether you are talking about money with a financial adviser or your life partner, it’s important that you work things carefully and thoroughly. Moons make things more emotional and the last thing you need to do is mix money and emotions. Specially, with the holidays fast approaching – money and savings are more important than ever.


Three planets will make their presence known in sexy Scorpio this month. Your one on one relationship zone so socially inclined that is set to be a great month for you. Whether it’s from your co-workers, friends and or family, you’ll get a lot of invites thick and fast. While you often tend to be more of a housecat than an outgoing person, it’s vital that you do go out and accept as many invites as you possibly can bulls.

Mercury the communicator will dash off into funny, friendly Sagittarius November 5 urging you to pull out all the stops and have more fun than usual. You might find that you’re surrounded by more kindred spirits that could help you venture out this month. Make sure to take a time off and read my LOVESCOPES single as this is a very auspicious time for you.

If you have money matters to get sorted this is the time to do so – especially if they involve tons of paperwork – it’s time to get the wheels in motion sooner than later bulls. The New Moon on the 18th activates your solar 7th house of relationships Taurus, which will urge you to either take a relationship further, let it go completely or let it rest somewhere between. It’s time to make a decision- it’s been coming for some time and you’ve known it. Make it as easy on yourself and on others as possible without too much drama bulls.


A rather testy pack of planetary energies will come together mid-November making this a prime time to either get things to go your way or not. Don’t do anything you don’t want to do and don’t allow someone to talk you into or out of something – that’s your department!

Financial issues that came up last month could arise again this month Gemini’s and this time it will be impossible to ignore them. A New Moon in intense, determined Scorpio will make it impossible to forget about it all too. Do yourself a favour and tackle this thing head on. It could be the only way your brain will give you any peace.

If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving, it could be quite the time for you Gemini’s. The emotional Moon in Aquarius will be on duty in your long distance zone so for those of you missing someone overseas or far away, it will hurt more than usual this month. Make sure you read my November LOVESCOPES to find out exactly how much you will miss someone this month – holidays or not.


Right up until the 7th of November, Venus the lover will be on duty in your solar 4th house of home and family affairs.  On November 3, someone might even ask you for money – a loan or just a straight out financial gift. Give what you can and if you can’t give much, don’t beat yourself up about it.

The New Moon on November 18 will set up shop in your solar 5th house of romance, playtime and self-fulfillment, urging you to find a new way to have fun and express yourself. You might even meet some new friends – people unlike your other friends who don’t have judgements about you and who don’t play by the rules you are used to playing by. Quite an education for you Cancers and very enlightening.


Mercury, the planet of excitement and flirtation, dashes off into Sagittarius early November, which is your 5th house of romance and fun. Make sure you read the LOVESCOPES to find out what that all means for you Leos. Needless to say, November looks like being a very social month for you indeed.

Money is a tricky subject this month and one you might not necessarily want to discuss with too many other people.

Getting the things you want will be easier this month with serious Saturn in sassy Sagittarius getting into an easy going trine with startling Uranus in Aries mid-month. You won’t even have to work too hard to get whatever it is you want either. Never forget to give thanks to the Lord for all the blessings he has showered upon you.


As the holidays approach, November is one of those months when all sales happen in shopping malls and even online, and they are very inviting Virgos! So here’s a tip for you – try your best to control your spending and think twice or thrice before buying something. Ask yourself if you really it or maybe not.

These 2 cosmic heavy hitters, Saturn and Uranus, are capable of conjuring up all kinds of magic – like bringing old and young together for warm and wonderful family gatherings. The word family has a wide reach nowadays and could also pertain to a friend you’ve had for years, people you work with, etc.

Brutally honest Mercury and Saturn get together in your 4th house of home and family on November 28 and this duo needs to be handled with care. Hold your tongue if you feel the anger or resentment start to rise Virgos.

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