10 Simple Steps to Channel and Awaken your Inner Psychic

10 Simple Steps to Channel and Awaken your Inner Psychic

Do you believe what experts are saying that you were naturally born with psychic powers? It has been with you the moment you were born. But as you became aware of your surroundings and got attached to the needs and wants of the world, you lost that power slowly everyday.

However, the beauty of it is that you still have the chance to take it back if you just know how to do it. This is the same concept that applies to psychics who were not really very good at the craft at first but eventually became better with their constant practice. You too can awaken the psychic in you.

Here are the things to remember.

  • Have an open mind because this is the way to learn channeling. Channeling involves receiving and sending information from an entity while you are in an altered state of consciousness. It is usually between a psychic and a spirit.
  • Having an open mind will allow you to accept that there are things and occurrences that are beyond your imagination and scope of science.
  • Meditate everyday. Meditation is the most effective way to get yourself attuned to your intuition. If you are so attached to the concerns of the world and of your life, you will miss the inner voice within you which is your intuition.
  • Meditation does not have to be living like a monk. You can start this by creating a sacred space in your house or in your room. This place has to be clean, orderly, peaceful and conducive for relaxing. It is important that no other person may be able to come in and out of this space.
  • Read about psychics and psychic abilities. To learn the craft is to know more about it. Read materials on the internet and from books that tell you about the experiences of psychics while they were still trying to learn the craft. It would help to know that they did not find it very easy at all.

10 Steps to tap to your inner psychic ability

  • Keep a journal. While you go through the process of awakening your inner psychic, there will be changes and things that will be hard for you to understand or interpret. This is the purpose of a journal. You can write down everything you see, feel, and think. And when you have the time at night before you sleep, you may look back at your notes and try to connect the events and details and realize that there is a pattern. Do not be selective of the things that you write. Write down anything and everything.
  • Seek the help or train under a psychic. There are things you can’t learn by yourself. Just like in school, you need the knowledge and guidance of a teacher. Try to see the help of a psychic to help you awaken the inner psychic in you.
  • Pay attention to your gut instinct. Don’t over analyze things. Think of the first thoughts that come into mind. Listen to the voice from within.
  • Test your psychic abilities. The most basic test is to wait for your telephone to ring. When it does, notice the first person that pops up in your mind without even thinking about that person. Then answer the phone to check if it is he.
  • Exercise your psychic skills everyday. Everyone gets better with practice.
  • Do breathing exercises. This is especially necessary when you meditate. It will help you relax.
  • Be sensitive to the things around you. Don’t rationalize everything and don’t give meanings to everything. Just feel them and let them happen.
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