Common Myths and Facts About Psychic Intuition

Although psychics across the world manifest different various psychic abilities, there is but one psychic ability that is the hall mark of every psychic Common Myth and Facts about Psychic Intuitionand that is psychic intuition.

Used primarily for the well being of his clients or subjects, a psychic intuition is believed to be a kind of inner wisdom a knowing, a sensing that is beyond the conscious understanding — a gut feeling.

Also known as gut feeling, hunch, and sixth sense and so on, psychic intuition is a kind of an inner voice of wisdom which tries to spring up and expresses itself at every turn of events whenever its need occurs.

Ever since psychic intuition has been used in providing psychic readings or psychic advice, many skeptics have often wondered about its authenticity and how it works.

Common Myths and Facts about Psychic Intuition

To better understand psychic intuition, here are some common myths and facts about psychic intuition:

  • Myth : Everyone of us has equal intuitive powers.
  • Fact: Psychic intuition is present in all of us; however, the difference between an ordinary person and a psychic is that an ordinary person usually tends to ignore his intuition in favor of common sense, resulting that in the course of time, it stops manifesting itself clearly. Psychics on the other hand are super sensitive to these intuitions that he/ she understands and has attuned his inner ears to listen to it clearly and go by its signals.
  • Myth : Psychics can enable to read your mind all the time.
  • Fact: Though, psychic readers have the ability to read your mind if they focus, it can cause them exhaustion and require mental health assistance if they do it all the time.

  • Myth : Psychic intuition is always about seeing into the future or fortune-telling.
  • Fact : Psychic intuition stems from our inner wisdom. It is our inner voice in our mind reminding us of why we shouldn’t do or say something. It is does not predict the future.
  • Myth : Psychic readers can know everything about the person.
  • Fact : Psychic readers focus its psychic reading on specific areas of concern which are often decided upon by the person getting a reading. There are some cases that only general information are seen by the psychic which is then interpreted into general or specific insights for the person (also called a sitter or seeker)
  • Myth : A psychic reading cannot be changed.
  • Fact : No, Though each of us has our own destiny. Because each of us has freewill, we have the freedom to choose and do what we want to do and change our course. Though destiny sets what happens to you and there’s no way of really getting around it, freewill or intervention (divine or otherwise) can affect the forecast as readers try to look at past performance and present conditions to divine a future “likely” outcome.
  • Myth : All psychics or readers can read the past, present, and future.
  • Fact : Each reader has different abilities. Not all psychics have the same ability or interest. Psychics may have the ability of retro-cognition (past), cognition (present), and pre-cognition (future).
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