Introduction to Different Types of Psychic Abilities

There are many things that are quite mysterious with every Psychic, many of them has different abilities, and so they say. Ability to read the future, ability to predict your star signs, your dreams, and other things.

Arts of divination or extra sensory perceptions are diverse, large, and rather ancient as well as refreshing for people who hasn’t come across these things. There are just so much talent that comes out when Psychics are being discussed.

Many psychic abilities have the suffix ‘mancy’ but not all of them. Mancy originates from Old French, Greek and Latin words meaning Divination / Prophesy / Prophet. For instance bibliomancy; means interpreting a passage chosen at random from a book and offering up a prophecy from so doing. Prophesies in this form were predominantly taken from the Bible in earlier times.

To give you some idea if you are curious about trying your luck with a Psychic, then read on the rest of this article:

Types of Psychic Abilities:

  • Telepathy this is the ability to communicate with various kind of creatures, excluding command or influence nature.
  • Channelling this is when an outside source or energy of intelligence enters the mind and the body of the Psychic and then uses that body or mind to pass message directly to the audience. Sometimes this is kind of difficult to perform and it requires a lot of energy for the medium to handle this cases.
  • Clairvoyancethis comes from the French and Latin words Clair- which means clear and voyant and voir meaning to see.
  • Cyclomancy - Spinning a wheel, a top or a bottle. The prophetic answer lays in the direction the item points or spins towards. Have you kissed or been kissed in a “spin the bottle” party game?
  • Crystallomancy is the art of seeing the future with the use of a crystal ball, and the psychic interprets what he or she sees and translate it to the audience. It is the ability of the reader or a seer to identify whether the translation is effective or valid.

There are still a lot of these psychic abilities with even some few things that are not known to other psychics.

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