Introduction to Psychic Self Defense and Development

Whether you were born with a psychic ability or have worked on your psychics skills to improve them, becoming a psychic does not only awaken Psychic self defense and Developement Overviewyour awareness, heighten consciousness, or sharpen natural physical senses but also makes you a rich feeding ground for negative astral entities. You can also be susceptible to negative energies and influences.

However, once these psychic abilities are brought to the surface, psychics can work on them and make them stronger. That’s where psychic self-defense comes into play.

Why do you need to learn psychic defense?

Learning psychic self-defense is an important step in psychic development. Cultivating individual psychic self-defense is a way to protect yourselves against falsehood, negative entities, energies, and influences and learn to rely on your inner wisdom. Moreover, aside from providing you protection from harm while working on your psychic developmental tasks, exercises, and techniques learned in psychic self-defense, you will also improve all your psychic abilities; thus, making you more powerful. You will also be safe from injury, illness, and/or attack from human entities in your everyday world.

Psychic Methods of Defense

Here are some kinds of psychic methods of defense at your disposal:

1. Psionic Shields. This is meant to protect both your physicality and emotional body as energy constructs formed around the physical body.

2. Working with Core Images which are negative memories used by negs and demons to bypass natural psychic defense.

3. Wards is another energy construct hanging in a physical space which can be used to scare things away.

4. Energy Manipulation.

Developing Psychic Self-Defense: A means of Protection

To develop psychic self defense, one must be aware of all your psychic reading senses and try listen to your inner-self when it speaks to you. Try to develop the habit of listening to them with proper meditation as developing them can be very handy to boost your psychic self defense.

Often different inner voices are produced in all of us and we all can listen to them. However, most of us ignore them. If you want to be a successful psychic readings expert, you must learn to make the most of these voices. If you want to exercise psychic self defense, you need to listen to your inner voice and discern the more important ones.

Take The First Steps. . .

  • Develop a plan of action. Don’t wait until you need psychic self defense to begin. You must be prepared, be aware. The chances are good that you will rarely if ever need to use them.
  • Keep on practicing. Practicing can help your psychic abilities and strengthen the psychic shield around you. Make a point to spend 5 to 10 minutes a day practicing and you will be richly rewarded.
  • Try to learn a variety of psychic self defense methods. Be sure to practice them and become efficient in everything.
  • Research on lessons, seek out books and articles on psychic self defense and study them. In working with energy as you learn psychic self-defense, one can constantly learn new things and develop new abilities and psychic self defense.
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