Why Do People Call a Psychic Hotline?

If you’ve ever asked this question or have been a psychic hotline user yourself, you can now find out why. A global study has recently been conducted by Dr. Robin Shepherd at the University of Auckland. According to preliminary data, individuals spend as much as $33,000 per year to telephone psychics. Call length varies per individual. Some callers spend only $5 on their psychic readings by phone, while other can ring up as much as $300 on a single call.

Most calls to psychic hotlines are to ask about relationships. However, recent news shows that the psychic business is booming because of economic uncertainties. People are also consulting with psychics to ask about financial status or business viability. Health is another concern that most people openly discuss with psychics over the phone.

Psychic hotline users are found to have been using the service for years as such, many are repeat customers. Once you find the psychic that you have a connection with, a relationship starts to build. They often help you discover a lot about yourself and help point you in the right direction. The study reports that some individuals have been users of psychic hotlines for as long as 14 years.

Another benefit of a psychic hotline is helping you release pent up emotions. This is a unique channel where you can have a very intimate discussion with the person you are talking to, yet never have to see them and remain totally anonymous.

So why do people call psychic hotlines? The answer is actually relative. Each person has his or her own reason for calling a psychic hotline. Some do it for the thrill or because its fun. Others take this seriously and treat psychic like their life coach. Others still are skeptics trying to prove something. Then there are those who are just addicted to the feeling of alleviation they get after having phone psychic readings.

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