Psychic Predictions 2018 – ACCURATE Predictions Revealed!

Hello Friends! So the New Year has started with new hopes, and many more New Year wishes and resolutions. We all have so many hopes from this year, which we wish to know what it holds for us. Let me give you general predictions for this year 2018, what it holds for the world around you.

Image result for 2018Quick Information Bite for you:

Do you know New Year is celebrated around the world on different dates? Yes, different civilizations have developed their own calendars, based on which each one of them celebrates New Year on a different date. So, it is not always 31st December night for every one that he or she bids farewell to past year and welcome New Year.

There are almost 17 different official New Years around the world, and many more unofficial New Year celebrated in smaller tribes. The one which we celebrate is known as the Gregorian New Year, according to which a Year ends at 12:00 Mid night on 31st December, and New Year begins on 00:00 Hrs on 1st January. This is most widely used Calendar around the world.

Predictions for the year 2018

What I am going to predict is based on the New Year entry on 00:00 on 1st January 2018.

Image result for predictions 2018This year will see a total of 5 eclipses, out of which 3 are solar eclipses, and 2 are lunar eclipses. These eclipses have a major effect on our minds and emotions.

During eclipses there will be energy shifts and disturbances around the world which will cause social unrest around the world, major outbreaks of civilians for protests, changes in government, and some abrupt changes in our environment causing major loses to civilizations around the world. There will be many road accidents around the world of big scale like of public transport or natural calamities.

This year 2018 has seen the conjunction of Sun and Saturn along with Venus in Sagittarius. This will cause major political unrest in most countries, with changes in government through elections. Ascending Node or dragon’s head in Cancer shows that world’s major powers will showcase their prowess in international waters to test their strength and to warn their enemy countries. Once again this year will show some of the major Natural disasters and calamities which will claims thousands of live and resources around the world.

There will be some scientific breakthroughs in technology, medicine, and space exploration also as ascending node represents all of them. Almost every major country will be forced to rethink its foreign policies, as ascending node makes these foreign relations change.

Effect on Zodiacs

Let us now focus on individual Zodiac signs to know the predictions for Individuals of different signs.


Aries natives will gain some some property or money from Will. There are chances for you to travel a lot to new countries for your job or for leisure. There will be some problems at work place, so stay away from any kind of altercation with anyone there. For those who are looking to settle down, 2018 is the best chance for you to find your soul mate.


Taurus natives will face emotional turmoil this year which will be a mix of happy moments and some sad moments. It will be exuberance on one hand, and some setbacks on the other. Please take care of your health, and there will be some quick changes in your work place, and some altercation with your boss too. Luck will be a bit slower this year, but the scope for love is very high. So enjoy this year with lots of love and emotions.

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Gemini will keep on counting their fortunes, as there are many many chances for them to earn and save this year. It is like fortune is smiling on them. Although as they say, where there is gain there is some loss also. You will face some issues on your love life and relationships. Some strains will be seen there in your relationships. Health wise you are prone to some nervous attacks or panic attacks, so keep calm, everything will fall to its place.


Cancerians please get hold of your mouth and watch out your words. You will spoil your relationships with your hot head and using some bad words.  There will be shift of house seen in your chart, with rise in luck and income prospects. So it is like getting a raise in pay and transfer together. Health wise there will be frequent ups and down this year, so please take care of that.


Leo natives this year there would be increase in your expenditures, especially on health. Your efforts at work place will not get you favorable results, although acknowledgement will be there. Love life seems to take a turn, and may bring a new partner for you. Overall a mix results this year for you.


Virgo, there will be some concerns from your siblings side. Money tensions that you were facing previous year will only aggravate further. Family tensions and pressure will be there for you to settle down, but your love life seems to take a back stage for you. Major focus this year would be your career, and money. Health wise it will be a balanced year, overall a good health and immunity for you. Luck will shine where ever you will put your genuine efforts.


There will be so much self-conflict this year, that you will not able to decide what to do. Your biggest enemy this year would be you Libra. You will rise and shine at your work place, but at the same time strain your relationship at home or with your spouse. An unknown fear will grip you this year, but believe me nothing is as strong as your will power, so keep believing on your own skills.


Scorpio, it seems some one has a soft corner for you this year. Love is finding its way to you. Gains from some hidden sources or part-time work is seen. Losses through speculation, so please stay very alert when it comes to equity and speculation. Family unrest is also there in this year, especially with your father or father-like figure. Expenditures will be on higher side.


Sagittarius, money will be a serious concern for you this year, both your earnings and savings are at stake; though with efforts you will overcome this situation. You may change or leave your job this year, for those who are self-employed or in business will gain a new height. A new love relationship is also seen, in parallel with your last one.


Capricorn, you need to come out of your depression this year. Stop thinking about negative side of life and focus on love. Love seems to be savior for you this year. There will be unrest at work place, and also expenditures will turn topsy-turvy. Focus on your earnings and savings to manage the situation.


Aquarius, a beautiful period for you. You may begin a journey towards spirituality and self-awareness this year. Family and relationships are seen to be blissful for you, so enjoy this period. Work wise it will be a bit stressful and strenuous, but it will pay you off. There are good chances of pay increase this year for you.


Pisces natives will see a change in their job or work place. They will be lucky in love this year. Though income will be a concern, but savings will be high. Efforts will pay off this year. There will be some altercations with your boss which will prove detrimental, so stay away from any such situation.

Overall, this coming year 2018 will be a mix year with lots of hope in love and fortune for some, while some distress and set-backs for others. But one thing is sure, it is coming with lots of opportunity for each one of you out there, to make most out of it.

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