Different Techniques in Psychic Readings

Psychic reading is a belief system that distinguishes information of clairvoyance. It is commonly associated with paranormal-based consultation given for a fee in such settings as over the phone, at home or at psychic fairs. These psychic readings are oftentimes treated as skeptical inquiries. Skeptics believe that is is the ability and intelligence of those who claim themselves a psychic, to make informed statements based on different techniques. Let’s take a look on some of these techniques during psychic sessions.

Short gunning

This is a very popular psychic reading technique. Psychic readers provide ample variety of information in the form of statement within a short time. Then the psychic looks into the audience and observes their reactions. They will conclude their statements by minimizing it according to the emotional reactions received from the audience. This is very popular because it is usually show on television. Some psychic readers were accused of doing short gunning technique like Sylvia Brown, John Edward, Colin Fry and other psychics.

The Rainbow Ruse

The psychic reader puts his all talent and enthusiasm into crafting statements in such a manner that the statements will focus on the both ends of personality traits. Typically, an individual may experience both ended emotional tantrum and personality trait in any period of his life. Psychic readers, followers of this technique, essentially focus on this psychological aspect.

The Forer Effect

The psychic also call this as the Barnum statements. This technique specifically focuses on making statements designed with personal touch. The statements seemed to be made up of truly personal base information; however, in practice these statements are designed as double-ended. The statements, in particular, are developed by the psychic reader in such a fashion that the subjects show their willingness to fill the gap with their acquired experiences. These statements have the provision to include realistic elements available at the subjects end.In return, the psychic readers use their charismatic image to refine those newly collected statements and present them again to the subject, but within a new envelope.

Telephone Psychic Reading

This process is of course done through the phone. Before you engage in this, you must have the phone number of the psychic adviser you’re to deal with. Telephone psychic reading grants you unique access to proper psychic reading without leaving an inch from your home.

Online Psychic Reading

In this technique, you need to engage interactive chat with the psychic reader. There are available sites you can choose from and it is important that you have a very good internet connection. Some websites require you to register and pay, once this is done you can now log in and chat with your psychic guru.

Telephone psychic reading grants you unique access to proper psychic reading without leaving an inch from your home.

Face-to-face Technique

This technique demands you to meet with the psychic reader one-on-one. This technique is far better than every other technique since you have the chance to have a more accurate reading.

Before you embark on a journey, you need to have a proper direction or else you may find out you have followed the wrong path after you have expended so much time and energy. This is a good example of what happens at times to us as individuals in our daily endeavors and pursuits. We all need to have a good direction of where we are going in life otherwise we may end up in a wrong profession, relationship, friendship, place of work etc. So much tragedy can be averted when we can have the fore knowledge of people or places that are best for us. But this is hardly the case, people from all walks of live come together only to realize often times that they have made a colossal mistake when it is rather too late.

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