Psychic Reading: Clairvoyant Psychics vs Psychic Mediums

There are many types of psychic reading abilities used by different psychics. Psychometry, tarot reading, numerology, astrology, rune reading and aura reading are examples of those that use tools (cards, astrological charts, etc) or require close contact with the querant.

However, there are those types that can be done even without physical contact or tools. There are two particular psychic reading types that are common but still require practice to perfect: psychic mediumship and psychic clairvoyance.

Psychic mediums are those that can give you insight on your life or on questions you may have. They conduct the psychic readings by communicating with their guides – be they spirit guides or angel guides. They rely on outside sources to help them do their psychic readings. However, mediumship in and of itself is an ability and should not be discounted as less valuable than other psychic sensing. It takes sensitivity and special abilities to be able to hear, see or feel spirits and angels. More than that, it takes a special talent to try and understand their message and communicate these with others.

Clairvoyant psychics, on the other hand, conduct their psychic reading simply by using their extrasensory abilities without the use of tools or help from otherworldly elements. The psychic has an advanced form of cognition that allows him or her to see that which will occur in the future (precognition) or those that have happened in the past

When referring to psychic readings, these two types are often mixed and are interchanged. Some believe that psychic mediums are simple people with heightened clairvoyant abilities. However, there is that slight difference in that one type of psychic gets help from guides while the other can conduct a psychic reading just by intuition.

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