6 Important Reasons Why You Are Always Single

If you are an eternal singleton, you probably need to cast your eyes on this article!  

We all know (or we should know) that the first step to change is awareness, and the next is acceptance. So with this principle in mind check out these common reasons why you might still be single.  If any resonate with you, congratulations! You’ve just made the first step to moving your life into the direction of your relationship dreams!

And if they don’t then may we suggest you call a psychic to find out what else might be blocking you!  

Here are six reasons why you might still be single:

1: Low Confidence

If you have low confidence or esteem, you are not going to find it easy to trust yourself to be in, or to sustain a loving relationship, so much so that you might unconsciously reject the right people (or isolate yourself) to avoid having to deal with this.  

Building confidence is a challenge, but it is 100% possible. You have to find your pathway to confidence, and a psychic is the perfect type of person to help you find out how to move forward.  


2: Insecure Attachment Style

John Bowlby’s Attachment Theory is a well-used framework for understanding why people develop insecure attachments or attachment disorders.  

Insecure attachment styles and attachment disorders arise from early childhood and can cause us immense problems in our ability to relate as adults.


Such problems can include:

  • Fear of intimacy
  • Too clingy
  • Getting into unhealthy or even dangerous relationships
  • Developing idealistic and unhelpful concepts about how a relationship should be.
  • Jealousy in relationships.
  • A lack, or fear of commitment

The list above is a small example from an extensive list of problems that can occur in an insecure attachment style.

Approximately 40% of the western population has an insecure attachment style. The problem is real guys!

Understanding your attachment style, and then working on yourself to reconcile these issues can help you put yourself in a place where you can correct these patterns and then you might just get stuck into a fabulous relationship without fearing vulnerability or rejection.  

Now wouldn’t that be worth the effort?

3: Mommy/Daddy Issues

If you find yourself struggling with a partner and the patterns are similar in some way to the patterns you have with one of your parents,  you might be unconsciously trying to reconcile this situation through your relationship.

The good news is that you are clearly ready to resolve the issues with your parent because otherwise it wouldn’t come up for you. But doing so through a partner is not going to help you.  

Instead, why not work on healing the issues you have with your parent alone (you don’t have to involve your parent to heal this though –  and probably shouldn’t).

When you meet somebody new, after you’ve resolved the problem in your psyche you can start this relationship with a clean slate. Giving you the best opportunity to enjoy a loving relationship.

4: Fear Of The Opposite Sex

There can be many reasons why somebody might fear the opposite sex (they often do so unconsciously and don’t even realise they have this fear).  The trick here is to resolve the trauma you have inside and learn how to trust the opposite sex, even if you have to determine what signs to look out for and what not to.  

5: Unrealistic Expectations

Society and Disney movies often fill us with unrealistic expectations about what type of person we should desire, and what kind of relationship we should have.  

There are so many people who try to build a life based on unrealistic and unachievable expectations.  

Could you be such a person?  

If you think you might be, now is the time to start looking at that and working out what’s really important in a partner and a relationship!  Keep on reading to find out how.

6: Isolation

Whether you are shy, live somewhere remote, or even have a remote job and no way of connecting socially.  Isolation can be a genuine reason for being single.  

If isolation might be getting in your way of happiness, you’ll need to figure out how you can bring yourself out of isolation.  

Even if that means swallowing your fear … think about the return on investment if you manage to find that dream partner as a result.  

So now we know some of the main reasons why people are often the eternal singleton how do you go about fixing the problems?  

Well, any form of therapy or counselling will get you started, and … of course, a good psychic will help you to find the right step forward to unblocking your pathway to romantic happiness.  You never know they might help you heal too – in fact, they probably will.

Most good psychic sites off introductory rates as a new customer.  Here’s the link to some of our favourites.  

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such a great imformation …….. Thanks for sharing,….

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