How To Impress Your Boss (Based on Your Zodiac Sign)

We hereby present AstroGirl’s sure-fire ways to Impress your Boss broken down by Zodiac signs. Learn from her insight and test out some new strategies… you might just get that raise!


Business: Aries are go-getters, who dance to the beat of their own drum and they definitely don’t like to wait for other people. They are risk takers who love the rush of adrenalin; it’s what keeps them alive. They are known to be entrepreneurial in their approach and look for new projects to keep their interest.

Finance: Aries work and save, and are generally sensible with money. They prefer to build a varied portfolio rather than have all their dollars in one area.

Strengths: Great enthusiasm, team leaders, achieving the impossible and love a challenge. Nothing is too hard or impossible. They are quick thinkers and like people who are the same.

Weaknesses: Don’t finish what they start; hence they need good back–up people. They can take on too much, which causes them to get stressed and irritable

How to handle your Arian Boss: Get straight to the point, and don’t go into long explanations. Think up new, interesting and exciting ways of doing things; don’t just reinvent the same old wheel.


Business: They work to make money, the more cash they can collect the better. They are sensible in their approach to work and portray a sense of logic.

Finance: They need to own things, it makes them feel secure. They love the finer things that money can buy. They also love to surround themselves with total comfort. For an investment, they look for real estate as it’s a solid material investment.

Strengths: They are sincere and totally loyal. But don’t do the wrong thing by them or you will never get their trust back. They are solid people of their word, reliable and hard working.

Weaknesses: They can be stubborn inflexible and overindulgent. Even if they know they are in the wrong, it’s unlikely that you will ever get a real apology. They worry about losing money.

How to handle your Taurean Boss: Don’t be late! Complete your work when you say you will. Don’t play games, be upfront and honest. Do a good job and put the hours in. Taureans respect hard workers.


Business: They are creative by nature and strive to work in a creative area, which always something different happening. It is more important for a Gemini to do something they like rather than for the financial return.

Finance: They do not, as a general rule, have to have money (unlike Taurus). Money is to be spent to have a good time with. They look for value, but if they have access to an expense account, that’s a different matter – anything goes!

Strengths: They are intellectual, and can think on their feet, as well as talk on any topic – they’re like a walking encyclopedia! They endeavor to expand their minds with their head in a book or absorbed in taking on a new study of some kind.

Weaknesses: They get bored easily and can become irritable if their minds aren’t kept busy. They can have a convenient memory and deny ever having said something.

How to handle your Gemini Boss: Don’t bog them down with details. Show them the big picture, then come back to the why and how. Be prepared to do the fine tuning.


Business: They are dedicated to their work and choose professions that pay well.

Finance: Cancerians are clever with money and generally make good financial decisions. They like to feel secure financially as well as emotionally and money helps to provide this. They rarely gamble and are forever watchful with their investments. A Cancerian has a knack of selling and buying just at the right time. They are highly intuitive and this level of knowingness plays a big part with their decision making in business.

Strengths: Cancerians are very imaginative – they can find a win-win solution most of the time.

Weaknesses: They can be complementary, but just when you feel that you’re in a secure positive they can reprimand you beyond belief.

How to handle your Cancerian Boss: Timing is everything – there is no point asking for a promotion when they have other things on their mind. You will need to be in tune with their mood swings, and learn when to hold back and when to be proactive.


Business: Leo’s are proud people and whatever they do they want to make sure they do it well. They take pride in anything they do even if it appears to take longer but the excellence they put into everything shows and is worthwhile.

Finance: Money is crucial for a Leo. They love luxury and don’t mind showing the world that they can afford it. They make good negotiators either for themselves or on behalf of someone else or the company they represent.

Strengths: They are enthusiastic and generous people to work for or with. They love to be in the spotlight so they are very capable and impressive ambassadors for a cause they feel strongly about. They take control and are action-oriented.

Weaknesses: They can be overbearing, pushy and take over even if it isn’t their area of responsibility. They hate to stand in the wings watching others do something they know they can do better.

How to handle your Leo Boss: Give them heaps of praise and recognition. They strive to be recognized and appreciated; it’s what makes it all worthwhile.


Business: Work is very important to a Virgo. You will usually find them in professions that help others. They are just as happy helping other people achieve their goals, and generally, helping others also helps them achieve their own goals.

Finance: They like to make money and they love to spend it. They can be extravagant, so being remunerated well for what they do is important.

Strengths: Virgo’s are practical, intelligent people who make good investigators. The research they do is impeccable. They are the perfectionists of the zodiac. They also make excellent behind–the–scenes organizers.

Weaknesses: They can take ages to complete a task simply because they have to wait until it is nothing short of perfect. You can always rely on the work that is handed in by a Virgo – it will be accurate without question.

How to handle your Virgo Boss: Be a perfectionist. Make sure you have all the answers. Don’t leave anything to chance. Check the details. Ask them for their help. They love to be helpful and you will shine by wanting to better yourself.


Business: Librans are team players – they prefer to work with people to achieve the end result.

Finance: Being ruled by Venus, Librans love anything that is beautiful, therefore they need the finances to cater to this obsession. However, how much money they have can be directly attributed to their own self-worth.

Strengths: They make great customer service people, as they can diffuse a sensitive situation in a minute. They are also skilled at mediation and are extremely diplomatic at all times.

Weaknesses: They can flip flop with their opinion as they have the capacity to see all sides and because of this attribute, they can take a long time to make up their minds on anything and everything.

How to handle your Libran Boss: Don’t give Librans open-ended questions as it gives them too many options to think through. Present one or two alternatives so there is not so much choice. If there are too many scenarios, they will spend ages looking at every body’s point of view.


Business: With Scorpios, it’s the quick and the dead. They know what they want to achieve and are strategic about getting the result. Not many people can go up against a Scorpio and win. They are smart, strategic and can be conniving as well as totally charming a lethal combination.

Finance: Money is important for a Scorpio. It gives them prestige and independence. They can marry well or earn it themselves. They may not always follow the traditional means of saving. Check the mattress. They can be secretive about everything, especially money.

Strengths: Tenacious, positive and passionate about whatever they do. They are good negotiators and don’t give up easily. Something has to be a total lost cause for them to walk away.

Weaknesses: They are secretive, which can cause mistrust amongst fellow workers and superiors.

How to handle your Scorpio Boss: Scorpios love to be adored, show them that you are eternally loyal and they are better then all others and you will have a job for life.


Business: Opportunities can fall at a Sagittarian’s feet. Just when the chips are down, something comes along, out of the blue. They need to do what they love, or it’s not worth the trouble.

Finance: Money is crucial. They can be indulgent which means refilling the bank account on a regular basis is a must.

Strengths: If they do what they love, the money follows freely, which makes them eternally happy and positive to be around. They are inspirational and are visionaries who are able to see the big picture of life and all it has to offer.

Weaknesses: Because they look at the future and can visualize how things will turn out, they can neglect the finer details. They are not good at putting the smaller pieces together and need good support people.

How to handle your Sagittarian Boss: Don’t sweat the small stuff – show him or her you have a vision and you believe in their dreams. Also, be prepared to fill in the gaps and pick up the pieces by doing the detail work.


Business: Capricorns are work orientated; career and business is the single most important thing in a Capricorns life. They steadily climb their way up to the top. If they fall, they get up, brush themselves off and keep on going.

Finance: Their top priority in life is to achieve greatness in business and acquire a healthy bank balance. They need to feel secure. They desire to live a high lifestyle and only the best will do, but they love a good deal – value is as important as quality.

Strengths: They are disciplined, ambitious and generally successful at anything they set their mind to. They are organized and down–to–earth practical people.

Weaknesses: They can become overly serious and spend all of their time at work, thinking about work, and doing work. They can worry unnecessarily, and in the process become terribly boring.

How to handle your Capricorn Boss: Have a no-nonsense approach and use your initiative. If you don’t do it right, they will pick up the pieces but they will soon get tired of that and see you as a liability rather than an asset.


Business: Aquarians are people with strong principles and have a strong work ethic. They believe in an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.

Finance: Aquarians love cash, but they want money for the experiences that life has to offer, rather than acquiring it for the sake of having it sit in the bank account.

Strengths: They are extremely complex people and are often misunderstood. Aquarians are highly intellectual and can retreat into their own mind to work through complex issues that others cannot come anywhere near solving. They are the making of a genius.

Weaknesses: They can be standoffish, unapproachable and cold. They don’t suffer fools lightly and can be so sarcastic that it hurts to the bone.

How to handle your Aquarian Boss: Don’t take it personally! He or she can be off-handed but most likely it is nothing to do with you, it’s something else going on in their life and you just happen to get in the firing line. Do a good day’s work, be honest, understanding and above all, be there when they need you.


Business: Pisceans are dedicated workers, but they also have a need to have some balance in their life. That means time for work, time to themselves, and time to be social and loving. Too much of any one thing can throw them off balance.

Finance: They desire to have money; however, they can have their head in the clouds about money and how much it costs to live. They can be extravagant, and on all the wrong things, resulting in them wasting money on things that are unnecessary. They need good financial advisors.

Strengths: They are extremely imaginative and can come up with amazing ideas and ways to do things. They are compassionate and have good intentions. They endeavor to be fair at all times.

Weaknesses: Daydreaming. If they don’t have direction, a Piscean can get lost in his or her own thoughts and end up going off on distracting tangents.

How to handle your Piscean Boss: Be inspired, positive and have initiative. Fill in the pieces for them and take a load of mindless time wasting jobs off their desk and you will indispensable.


Now you’ve learned how to impress your boss using YOUR Zodiac sign, how about trying a more detailed strategy using THEIRS? Get an online reading to discover how astrology can help and don’t forget to let us know how it went in the comments below!

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